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Aspartame Declared Save? Don't Believe It

By James Donahue


Two recent studies in the news, one by a United States agency and another by the European Food Safety Authority, find the diet sweetener aspartame a safe product because it does not cause cancer.


Iona Pratt, a toxicologist that headed an Italian study said last week: “There is no reason to undertake any further extensive review of the safety of aspartame.”


The studies find that aspartame, contrary to some concerns, does not lead to higher rates of lymphoma and leukemia. This was determined after extensive tests in rats.


This is all well and good, except the concern about aspartame, as far as we know, has never been centered on it as a possible carcinogen. But it is a poison and it has been proven to destroy brain cells. Apparently the two new studies did not bother to examine that issue. Had they done so, and made the findings public, the product would have been yanked from the food chain faster than you can say “jack rabbit.”


Since aspartame is a product of big business, with billions of dollars at stake here, the powers to be are taking great pains not to look at the real issue behind aspartame or present the truth. We suspect that these stories, assuring of the product’s safety, is nothing more than a smoke screen so the sheeple will stop worrying and go back to drinking their diet sodas and eating food laced with aspartame and monosodium glutamate.


Aspartame, produced under the brand names NutraSweet, Equal and Canderel, was introduced to the American market by the G. D. Searle Company in the 1960s. When the Food and Drug Administration conducted extensive testing of the sweetener and began questioning the validity of the testing reportedly conducted by Searle, the company turned to the Nixon and Ford administration operative Donald Rumsfeld to save the day. Rumsfeld was elected chairman of the Searle board. Suddenly all information about the poisonous aspect of aspartame was magically swept under the rug and forgotten.


Aspartame is now a multi-billion dollar operation. The stuff is found in almost every prepared food you buy on the grocery shelf, including chewing gum, diet sodas, dairy products and even medicine. You have to hunt high and low to find products that do not include either aspartame or monosodium glutamate, or the combination of both of these.


And it is true, neither product is a carcinogen. Nobody ever said they were. But they are excitotoxins. That is because they “excite” brain neurons, giving people a slight rush similar to what they might get with a light dose of cocaine. Dopamine levels skyrocket so people enjoy the rush. But they also get addicted and crave more of it.


In addition to being addictive, both of these food additives are highly toxic. While we think they are giving us a mid-day boost, somewhat like a strong cup of coffee, they are busy stimulating the neural cells in our brains to death. They have been proven to be linked to retardation in children. Sometimes we wonder of the excessive consumption of aspartame and MSG isn’t one of the reasons for a general “dumbing-down” of Americans. People just aren’t thinking right and it may be caused more than the problem of inbreeding.


That two different government sponsored studies have just reported aspartame safe, for the wrong reasons, makes us think something deceptive is going on. We think the publicity generated largely on the Internet, warning against the consumption of aspartame, has begun to hurt the industry.


We believe some very powerful people have gone to a lot of trouble to assure the zombies that their diet soft drinks are safe and they can continue having their daily fix without fear.


It is easier to control a nation of stupid zombified people with only parts of their brains working, than it is a nation of educated and thinking adults.