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Trapped Miner Used Telepathy To Let His Wife Know He Was Alive


By James Donahue


There was a strange story from Australia about how Brant Webb, one of the two gold miners trapped for two weeks 3,000 feet underground kept in constant touch with his wife through mental telepathy.


Webb, 37, and a fellow worker, Todd Russell, 34, survived for two weeks in a steel cage that apparently saved them from the April 25 earth quake and rock fall that killed a third miner and left them trapped behind tons of solid rock.


A story in New Idea magazine quoted excerpts from a diary kept by Michael Kelly, Webb’s father-in-law, that told how Webb’s wife, Rachel, knew that Webb survived the disaster long before the two men were found alive in the Beaconsfield mine.


When they learned of the cave-in, families were rushing to the mine as they do in times of mine disasters. Kelly said he came upon Rachel Webb, her car sitting off the road. Rachel told him she ran off the road because Todd has spoken to her as she was rushing to the mine with the others.


When he walked up to her car, Kelly said his daughter “looked up with the loveliest smile. ‘Brant has just spoken to me. He is alive and ok,’ she told him.


Rachel’s mother, Julie Kelly, said she thought the fact that her daughter received a message from Brant was a bad omen. “I thought Brant had passed and his spirit was connecting with Rachel,” she said.


But Rachel insisted that Brant called her by her pet name, Cutie, and that he had reassured her that he was alive and well.


Four days passed and there was no word about the fate of three miners still in the mine. All of the other miners managed to escape the shaft after the collapse, but Web, Russell and a third man, Larry Knight, were still missing and by then presumed dead.


Then on Saturday, April 29, a body was sighted by remote camera. As the families gathered to get the bad news, Rachel still remained confident that Brant was still alive. She told her family this.


Sure enough, on April 30, contact was made with the two men and they were alive. It was learned that they had been surviving on water dripping down into the cage where they were trapped.


The next day, Kelly wrote that Brant sent Rachel a note telling her to take his car and empty his locker. He wanted his belongings as far from the mine as she could get them, he wrote. “She’s already done it, of course. She said he’d told her to. And I can’t believe it – he’s gone pains in his legs, just like she said.”


During the ordeal, Webb appeared to his wife in a dream. Kelly wrote: “She said his face was like a child’s as he lay by her, saying he was unharmed except for sore hands and very painful legs.”


It took another nine long days for rescue workers to cut their way through solid rock to reach the two trapped miners. In the meantime, a small opening was discovered above them that allowed people above ground to drop food and water and pump fresh air into the small chamber.


Then on May 8, fourteen days later, the men walked out of the mine on their own two feet. Local residents cheered as they emerged alive and well.


That this man was capable of communicating with his wife mentally under these dire circumstances should not be surprising. There have been many instances where people, especially mothers, have “known” their loved one is in trouble and managed to go to their rescue even without hearing a word spoken.


I had an aunt who once awoke in the night and announced to her husband that their son, Keith was seriously hurt. She said she dreamed that he was in a traffic accident. Within an hour she received a telephone call from a hospital several hundred miles away that confirmed what she already knew. Keith had driven a motorcycle into the side of a truck at a rural intersection and was seriously injured. He survived the accident.


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said all humans are capable of telepathic communication. In fact, he said that if we had evolved mentally, as we were meant to, with both hemispheres of our brains operating at full capacity, we would all be communicating with one another mentally rather than using our voices.


Donahue said verbal and written communication is a waste of energy and very inefficient because we think at speeds much faster than our lips can produce the words, our hands can write them, or our eyes can read them.