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Prophecy Of The Last Two Popes


By James Donahue


Someone sent me a link to a story by author Jack Manuelian, taken from segments of his book: “Nostradamus: Predictions of World War III.”


Within the pages of the book are examinations of verses that Manuelian believes are predictions of the fall of the Roman Catholic Church.


In the article, written when Pope John Paul II was still alive, Manuelian said the verses suggest that there will be only two more popes to hold office over the church. The first will be an elderly man, known as a peacemaker.


He wrote that the church will fall under the rein of the next and final pope, who will sit “in biting activity,” according to a Nostradamus verse.


Manuelian said the Nostradamus quatrains suggest that a great war will have a lot to do with destroying the church. In fact, a good portion of the Vatican may be destroyed by fire. Either this or the mere threat of war will force the pontiff to flee to France and set up operations there, he writes.


Manuelian quotes and paraphrases a verse from among the quatrains that reads: “In a short time the physician of great evil and the leech of unequal order (an evil person working behind the scenes) will put the Olive Branch (the pope after John Paul) on fire. The post of the pope will be moved from one coast to another, and by so great fire their empire will be accosted that the heat will evaporate the saliva in the mouth.”


There is a conflicting image, however, in yet another of the Nostradamus prophecies. Manuelian notes that in Century II, Quatrain 57, the verse suggests that the next pope will die early, and that the final pope will reign in the midst of war.


This verse and the writer’s insertions for clarification reads: “Before the conflict the great wall (John Paul II) will fall. The great one (his immediate successor) will die a hasty and lamented death. (The final pope) will navigate the see close to the river (while) the earth will be tainted with (the) blood (of war).”


Yet another verse, quatrain 46, Century VIII, gives some more interesting insight: “Paul Mensole (Pope John Paul) will die. At three leagues from Rosne his two immediate successors are put to flight by the dragon (monster of Tarascon). For the horrible reigning Mars (war) will make of itself, of the cock (the final pope), and of the eagle (penultimate pope) three allies.”


The Manuelian inserts for this final verse are obviously his personal interpretation of the verse. He does not explain how the fabled French dragon, Tarasque, which was supposedly tamed by St. Martha at Tarascon, France, in 48 AD, has anything to do with chasing the final two popes out of the Vatican.


Perhaps this monster is a reference to the Devil, a mythical character believed by Christians to be the ruler of the Earth, and the generator of war.