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Human Possession To The Extreme


By James Donahue


The signs of human possession by outside forces are becoming so blatant that those of us on the outside, looking in, find it difficult to understand why more people have not been alarmed.


The circumstances surrounding the election of President George W. Bush and then his re-election in 2004 are examples of the strange insanity that seems to exist in our nation. The strange unwillingness by Republican legislators to allow President Obama’s administration to get anything accomplished during his first term in office has stagnated business, jobs and our government. And now the line-up of buffoons seeking the G. O. P. nomination to run in the 2012 Presidential election against Democrat Obama has even the Fox News reporters shaking their heads.


There was a common saying on the street during the Bush years that the president was common and a good person to “have a beer with.” That was because he was obviously illiterate, had difficulty speaking in complete sentences and often used incorrect grammar. All of this didn’t seem to matter because it appears that Mr. Bush was merely the puppet of a shadow government that was really running the nation.


That mystery government appears to still be pulling the strings, even though President Obama is much more articulate, he gives moving public speeches, and offers a pleasant personality that appeals to the general public. It would be surprising if he is not rewarded with a second term in office. That is because nothing in our government has really been changed since Bush left town.


Mr. Obama ran for office on a promise of hope and change. He has not delivered although he has made all appearances of trying to do something. All of his programs have been successfully blocked by the obstinate Republicans. Everybody in Washington appears to be playing their roles very well.


During the eight destructive years that Bush sat in the White House, he established a War on Terror that has fed the nation’s industrial war machine and a lot of private corporations that serve it very well. An estimated one trillion dollars in American debt has been created by the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts alone.


Bush turned out to be among the world’s worst environmental criminals. He refused to recognize climate change as a real threat to the world, would not cooperate with other world leaders in trying to force industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and set about dismantling a multitude of carefully drafted federal controls on industrial pollution of air, ground and water.

When he first arrived in Washington, Mr. Obama used executive orders to undo much of the damage Bush did to the environmental rules. But this has all been demolished once more by new actions by the Republican dominated Congress. Because of new budget restraints we have watched as our Environmental Protection Agency has been stripped of money and programs. It now seems to exist in name only.


What is behind all of this insanity? It appears to be big corporate interests that are interest in financial gain at the expense of everything else, including the health and life of our planet. But isn’t that kind of thinking a bit irrational? Is something else, unseen, driving our lawmakers?


There has been an unwritten law in Washington that anyone elected or appointed to serve in public office must be a Christian. The legislators in the K-Street house operate almost as a secret Christian sect and hold prayer meetings, setting their course of work for each day.


They are highly suspicious of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. The fundamental Christians perceive Mormonism as a radical cult and refuse to accept it as a branch of Christianity, even though Mormons read the Bible. The problem is that Mormons also read the Book of Mormon, a book written by Joseph Smith, the founder of that sect, who claimed to have been inspired by God to write it.


The Christians in Washington also are suspicious of Moslems, even though the Islamic faith has been growing by leaps and bounds in America. A few Moslems have been elected to Congress so their presence exists in the heart of our government.


The problem with the extreme right-wing Christian influence in Washington is that it is having such an influence on government that it blatantly defies the old rule of separation of church and state set by the framers of the nation. They understood the danger in allowing the church to influence law.


Even though they tried, the influence of religious belief systems has crept into the nation’s laws. Most dangerous of all is a belief among Christians that the world must enter into a final world war so Jesus will return to Earth, make saints of all of his followers, and then set all of the woes of the world right.


Are these belief systems based on logic and a sense of reality? Can we really expect a man that has been dead for 2,000 years to return in the sky, create an army of followers to defeat evil and bring peace to the world? Candidates for high office, and people holding those positions should scare us silly when we realize that they have the power of trying to make such a war happen just to fulfill an ancient Bible prophecy.


The very fact that the people chosen to hold these high offices are behaving irrationally, the bankers, insurance companies and mortgage holders appear willing to destroy the nation in a grab for high cash rewards, and even that police officers are rushing in riot gear into peaceful public protests, firing tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, is a mark of a strange kind of insanity that appears to be sweeping not only our nation, but the world.


Could it be that author Paul Levy is correct when he claims in his book “Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity,” that the human race has been overpowered by an alien force that acts as a “psycho-spiritual disease of the soul.”


Levy believes this force feeds on the fears of humanity and is slowly leading us all on a path of self-destruction. Because we do not recognize what has happened to us, we are incapable of love and concern for one another. We do not understand that our souls are linked. Thus we practice inhumanity and put our minds to accumulation of material wealth rather than seeking the greatest gift of them all….love and fellowship in a world of beauty.