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UN's Atomic Agency Finds Iran Innocent Of Wrongdoing

By James Donahue

A newly issued report by the U.N. nuclear agency says its investigation shows Iran has been telling the truth about Atomic ambitions.

The report was welcome news in Iran where the people have been living under increased sanctions imposed by the United States and the darkening shadow of a possible bombing strike by the U.S. Airforce over fears that Tehran is secretly developing a nuclear bomb.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his nation has been vindicated by the report. "We welcome this, that the International Atomic Energy Agency has found its role and with the publication of the report the world will see that the Iranian nation has been right and the resistance of our nation has been correct," he said.

The United States, Israel and some European nations have accused Iran of attempting to develop atomic bombs under cover of the development of a civilian nuclear power plant. That power plant is being constructed under the supervision and with the full cooperation of the Russian government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also assured the world that Iran is not using the technology learned from his country to develop a nuclear bomb. He also has warned that his nation will perceive an attack by the United States on that power plant as an attack on Russia.

Russia and China also have been making it clear that they have special interests in newly discovered oil deposits in Iran, and are prepared to defend those interests in the event of a military strike.

Thus the tensions linked with a potential attack, that could be ordered by either President George W. Bush or the Israeli government, have been mounting.

The release of the new UN report by IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei could not have come at a better time. Hopefully it will stave off the insanity of yet another unprovoked military assault against an Islamic nation because of potential weapons of mass destruction that obviously do not exist.

They did not exist in Iraq, in spite of assurances by U.S. leadership that there was proof Saddam Hussein had such weapons. And they do not exist in Iran.

President Ahmadinejad has stated all along that Iran has the right to build a nuclear power plant to generate electricity for peaceful purposes, and that Tehran would not back down on this project, in spite of growing threats.

What few people realize is that the Islamic religion, which influences Iranian foreign policy much like the affect Christianity has on U.S. foreign policy. But unlike the US, which not only has the world's largest arsenal of atomic weaponry and is the only nation to have used them against another nation, Iranian leadership opposes the possession and use of such a bomb.

To accuse them otherwise is not less than an international insult by people who have no understanding of the mind of Islam.