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Nations Compete In Primitive Tower-Building Contest

By James Donahue

There is an odd competition that exists among men and it involves the size of the erect phallis. Athletes joke about it in the locker room. It is a major topic of conversation in adult chat rooms. Hunters and gun collectors like to show off their collections and compare fire power before the shoot.

We see this form of male competition come to light in foreign affairs . . . when armies line up against armies and the cannons are rolled out. "Our guns are bigger than your guns." That sort of challenge while unspoken, exists throughout societies.

Why do you think there is such a rush for nations to acquire and build nuclear bombs? To date, it is the largest and most powerful explosive device known to man. And it has the capability of destroying all life on the planet. And that makes it the ultimate erect penis.

The phallis also has become dominate in world architecture as we move closer and closer to what many see as the final conflict.

Notice that the terrorist attack against the United States destroyed the great symbol of the nation's fertility and financial power projecting out against the New York skyline to greet foreigners as they arrived in the United States . . . the dual World Trade Center towers. To the world they were like two massive phalli, erect and challenging . . . declaring America to be the most powerful and wealthiest nation in the world.

The existence of those towers virtually dared a terrorist group to try to knock them down. Why, then, were we surprised when it happened?

Now look what is going on since the World Trade Towers were destroyed. Nations all around the world are in competition to build taller and taller towers . . . their own penis to show the world that they too must be reckoned with. This competition is getting so ridiculous someone needs to at least be aware of what we are doing. We are like little children in the sand box, all bragging about whose dad is strong enough to beat up the other dads.

Construction has just begun on the new 1,776-foot (413-meter) Freedom Tower, one of three new towering structures planned at the site once occupied by the World Trade Center complex. A broadcast antenna at the top of the tower will bring the structure to a total height of well over 2,000 feet, making it possibly the tallest building in the world.

The World Trade towers, while towering, they offered occupied offices no higher than 1,335 feet, in case you want a comparison.

But wait, builders in Tokyo, Japan, last week announced plans to construct a new 613.5-meter Tokyo Tower that the Japanese boast will be the world's tallest free-standing structure when completed in 2011.

And in Emaar, the builders of the Buri Dubai Tower, who are keeping the final height of their building a secret, are believed to be erecting a structure that will reach a height of some 800 meters, or 2,600 feet when it is finished in 2008. This building would eclipse all other office buildings.

And in Chicago there is a proposed Chicago Spire building that will boast 124 floors, a roof level of 1,550 feet, and a spire above this reaching to 2,000 feet.

Indeed, the nations are all in a race to erect that largest emblem of an erect male penis as they clamor for control of the world's declining resources and prepare their armies for war. Isn't this a silly game? Is there no way to put a halt to this madness?

--December 2006