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Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses
By James Donahue
Reality for most people is unbearable.

We are surrounded by a polluted 
world. It is polluted not only by toxic waste that has affected the soil that grows our food and oceans where life had its origins, but it fills the air we breathe. Noise invades our solitude. Radio, telephone, television, microwave, low frequency military H.A.A.R.P. (mind control?) signals and ultraviolet rays constantly bombard our space.

There is no peace.

It is impossible to sit for an hour or two of quiet meditation without climbing a mountain, dropping deep down into a cave, or surrounding our bodies with metal and sound proofing materials thick enough to stop the assault.

We live in pain

It can be physical pain, which comes from disease, physical combat or accidental injury. It also can be mental pain, from the effects of our daily contact with other humans, our jobs and all of the problems listed above.

We live in fear
. Most of this emotion is of our own making. We have created a religious system that generates fear. We live among alien life forms that feed on the emotions generated by fear. Thus it is that we are programmed from the time we are little children to be afraid.

We fear the unknown. We fear darkness. We fear failure. We fear each other. And most of all, we fear death
. The older people get the more fear-bound we seem to be.

A most sorry lot we have turned out to be.

Yet . . .the few moments of splendor that make the adrenaline rush, the dopamine pump and the hearts race don't come very often for us, but when they do, we suddenly know that enduring all of the suffering is worth it, just for these moments.

We wish for more great moments in our life.

Many of us resort to artificial ways to get it. Some people buy expensive new things like cars, boats or houses, but that rush only lasts a few hours before the reality of the payments they are committed to sinks in.

This is the reason narcotics and alcohol are so popular. We go to any lengths to get these things, while at the same time the social programs our society has created go to great lengths to take them away from us. We make laws making the possession and use of the pain killing effects of marijuana, the cocoa leaf, certain mushrooms and the poppy flower punishable by jail and stiff fines. An attempt to ban alcohol in the 1930s was such a failure this law was repealed, but the punishments for consumption of this brain-killing drug in public places can be steep.

The argument given by the church and righteous social "do-gooders" is that these drugs harm our physical bodies and make us dangerous to our fellow man. Therefore, they reason, everybody must suffer during this walk through life without an artificial means of escape. They even went so far as to put Dr. Jack Kevorkian,
the so-called "suicide doctor," in prison because he was offering people with incurable illness and pain an early way out.

In our creativity, however, it seems that mankind has either discovered (or been purposefully furnished) an alternative and still legal way of hiding from reality. Instead of breaking the law by smoking marijuana, sniffing cocaine, or feeling the rush of amphetamine, we are opting to make our escape by having our doctors prescribe rose colored glasses.

You know what I mean. We are all rushing to the pharmacy to buy antidepressant drugs. They are called Prozac, Paxil, Zolhoft, Lovan, Effexor, Serzone and Anafranil, to name a few. Pop just one pill a day and suddenly everything seems cheery. The little things no longer bother us, and big problems seem small in their scope.
I think George Orwell predicted the arrival of this pill in his prophetic novel, 1984. Those of you who read this book remember that people had to take their daily dose of a drug that made them happy. It helped get them through a malignant existence under total slavery in an overcrowded world.
That pill is here and people by the droves are gulping it down. Even children.
Child psychologists we hear are pumping mind-altering drugs into our kids as if it were candy. It is good, they say, for overactive children, treating learning disorders, and all kinds of behavioral problems. Anybody who has raised children know that they misbehave. So why not dope them up? It doesn't seem to harm them and it makes them docile so they are easier to control.
A few years back, when my wife and I were parenting, people used television to keep children occupied much of the day. Our generation turned them into couch potatoes at an early age.
But something odd is happening to our society and I think it may be Prozac related. Adults are behaving like zombies while the world around them falls apart. Nobody seems willing to step up and take charge when it comes to protesting wars, fighting global warming, or just running the crooks out of Washington. The masses are happily asleep, with little clue as to what is about to come down on their heads.
Was this by design. Are we a society controlled by drugs that leave us stupefied?
There is yet another odd behavioral effect that we should see as an ominous warning. Certain people, even children, are going unexpectedly berserk. Young people are shooting up schools. People are opening fire in crowded places for no apparent reason. They are driving cars into crowds, and buses filled with people off cliffs or into oncoming trucks.
We have a theory about all of this. We suggest that some people remain sensitive to reality. If not consciously, at least subconsciously they know that society is in big trouble. The Earth is overpopulated and dying. A large number of people must be eliminated in some way or none of us will live very much longer. There are not enough resources on this planet to feed, cloth and shelter everyone. We are going to be killing each other over the spoils.

It is out of sheer frustration that they kill. They don't know what else to do.

We only have ourselves to blame for this condition. As a society we have been happy to sit back and let these outside forces go right on controlling our every move. And our moves are now becoming deadly. If we don't wake up and start fighting back, we warn of the end of the human race, possibly within our lifetime.

Our advice? Throw away the pills and rejoin society. Let's face the music together. Perhaps if we all get collectively angry enough, we can make things right again.