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Sleeping Giant
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They Entered The Ark Of The Covenant

By James Donahue

My wife Doris and son, Aaron C. Donahue, visited the Ark of the Covenant together, and they came in personal contact with the sleeping deadly Midwayre within.

It came to Doris in a what appeared to be a dream. She says she dreamed this same vision several times. Aaron was with her and took the form of himself as a small child.

As the dream began, she said the family was together, including this writer and our other children. We decided to explore an interesting building that appeared to be a carnival fun house.

Inside we found ourselves struggling to walk on one of those trick walk-ways that tilt and twist. The path turned into steps, and they got scary because they were now hanging over a deep cavern. What frightened Doris was that I wandered on ahead with the other children, and she and Aaron were left on the twisting, hanging steps. She was worried about Aaron's safety because there were no railings.

Doris and Aaron looked down from the elevated stairs and saw, far below them, a black-and-white checkerboard floor with people walking around. She said she noticed a small door that opened into another staircase leading down to that floor. She pointed it out to Aaron and they decided to enter it and explore farther.

When she reached the bottom step, Doris said she could no longer see the checkerboard floor, because the room appeared to go dark. And there, in front of her, was a very large being, clearly unhuman. It was apparently asleep because its eyes were closed. The entity was silvery in color, with a faint violet hue, and was covered with either scales or feathers. She said it was beautiful to look upon. But as they stood there, the being stirred and she thought there was a sound, like a roar. That was the last thing she remembered and she was back on the elevated stairway once more.

She said she remembered this place was constructed of beautiful stained wood with stained glass in the ceiling overhead. From within, she said she had the sensation of being in a religious building, like a church.

Doris said she was never afraid during this experience.

She said she had this same dream at least six or seven times over a period of several years. She didn't speak of it until she recently told Aaron. He told her that it was not a dream. He said it was a real out-of-body experience, and that he was, indeed, with her. He said the irony of this story is that while Doris was trying to protect Aaron the child, Aaron said he was there to protect Doris. He said it was he who took her out of there before the Midwayre awoke.

She did not realize the danger she was in, he said.

That Midwayre is the sleeping giant in the Ark of the Covenant. If it is awakened it will rise up and reek havoc on humanity in the end of days.

Doris had the privilege of visiting the vault where it sleeps, seeing it up close, and living to tell about it.