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Ark Of The Covenant Hidden In Bush Bomb Target Zone

By James Donahue

The Ark of the Covenant, perhaps one of the most cherished religious objects known to man, still exists but today is in great danger of being destroyed by American bombs, the Prophet Aaron C. Donahue warns.

While Christian mythology claims that the Ark of the Covenant may lie buried somewhere in Israel . . . perhaps even under the ruins of the old temple said to have been erected by King Solomon in the heart of Jerusalem . . . Donahue says its true location is not in Israel at all. But it is hidden in the area once known as Mesopotamia and its location is known to certain Islamic religious leaders.

The threat of an expanded bombing attack, from Iraq eastward into Iran, imposes great danger that this sacred relic, dating back to the time of Moses, is great. The Islamic leaders worry that it may be accidentally slammed by one of America's deep-penetrating bunker bombs, and that which remains sleeping within, released into the world.

The Ark is not what people think it is. The Old Testament story in the Book of Exodus claims Moses built a gold plated wooden box about four feet by two feet in size. Two gold plated poles were attached at the bottom of the Ark by four golden rings. The bars were used for carrying the Ark. The Hebrew story maintains that members of the tribe of Levi were assigned to be the official carriers of the Ark as the people followed Moses in his travels.

Some believe the clay tablets, on which God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, were carried in this golden box. Yet other stories suggest that the spirit of God dwelled in the Ark, and thus traveled with the Hebrew people. This idea stems from the stories of God speaking to Moses in the Tent of Meeting as described in Numbers 7:89, and later because something in or around the Ark became very deadly once it was placed in the Holy of Holies within the temple. During those years, only a high priest could visit it. The priest could only enter once a year and that visit was a most sacred event. If the priest wasn't spiritually clean, contact with the entity within the Holy of Holies could be fatal. Thus the priest was always attached to a rope so that if he failed to return, his body could be pulled back out for disposal.

It is perhaps significant to note that the event that occurred in the Tent of Meeting, as described in Numbers, also involved the appearance of two Cherubs. Artists over the years have depicted Cherubs as childish, angelic entities that look anything but threatening. Yet we remember that references to Cherubs in the Old Testament stories always describe these entities as guarding things that are considered extremely holy and spiritually important to both God and man. For example, Cherubs were left guarding the gate to Eden following the expulsion of Adam and Eve and they appeared as guards at the Ark of the Covenant.

We suggest that the Cherubs are, in fact, an early reference to the Midwayres that appear to have been on a general guard duty over our planet for as long as humans have sought the spiritual path. While mystics have observed the Midwayers, there has been a general misunderstanding of just what they are, where they came from, or their function.

In India, the people continue to worship one of the Midwayers, a giant elephant headed entity they call Ganesha. The depiction of Ganesha in Indian art and stone has been an almost perfect description of the Midwayer. They are giant in proportion of humans in size, and they have a long trunk extending from the face that makes it look very much like an elephant.

Donahue says all humans have a collective unconscious memory of the Midwayers because they once co-existed with us on Earth. These beings were mostly gone for a while, although it is reported that "the Old Ones" may be returning. This may have important implications.

Only one Midwayer remains for sure on Earth. Donahue said that one, a deadly entity apparently assigned to bring about a final judgment, sleeps in a vault buried somewhere in the heart of ancient Persia. That places it in the line of fire as our forces attack Iraq and threaten to bring the war into Iran. If awakened, this being will bring a fearful castigation on mankind. This judgment will come in the form of plagues, fast aging and a general sadness that will sweep the planet.

The American bombing campaigns in that region may have already rocked the vault where this giant sleeps. That vault, Donahue said, is the true Ark of the Covenant. It is called that because it contains the Midwayre assigned to bring what the Hopi elders called the "purification" if humanity fails to keep an ancient covenant made with the Creator. That covenant, or agreement, was that we were to be caretakers of the Mother Earth.

That we have forgotten this covenant, and ravaged and pillaged our planet, and caused wars, and created weapons so terrible that we can destroy the Earth's environment at the push of a button, is deeply troublesome. It is clear that we have broken this sacred covenant and the judgment is about to come down on our heads.

Is it too late? Have we already awakened the last midwayer? When it arises it will be cloaked in red, Donahue warns. It is the very vision of the entities we subconsciously fear. It has been given many names . . .Satan . . .Santa Claus . . . Huk-tuk-tu . . .