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The Pope's Wicked Assault Against Women And The Earth

By James Donahue

That 80-year-old Nazi at the Vatican is at it once again . . . speaking out against abortion as a human right and urging European leaders to do everything possible to raise birth rates at a time when this overpopulated world is going through its death throes.

Speaking in Vienna at the former imperial Hofburg Palace, Pope Benedict declared the right to life a "fundamental human right" and said this includes life "from the moment of conception until its natural end. Abortion, consequently, cannot be a human right," he declared.

Indeed, human life is precious. No one can argue that point. What is wrong, however, is the Vatican's ban on contraceptives and other forms of birth control, its pressure on Catholic families throughout the world to have large families, and its ban on abortion, even when the pregnancies involved rape or threaten the life of the mother.

As the world nears a mass population of some 6.5 billion people, and rushes toward the 7 billion mark, issues like global warming, climate change, polluted land, sea and air, and the lack of enough potable water threaten the lives of millions, if not billions within the next few years.

That a Catholic pope, raised under the imprint of the Nazi brownshirts during Hitler's rise to power, would dare to don all those fine robes and rich jewelry and call for the masses to continue breeding themselves into extinction, labels him among the worst of the earth criminals.

What is sad is that millions of impoverished and illiterate people, raised in the Catholic faith, in third world nations all over the world, will probably heed this man's advice and have more children, all of them trusting that an external God in the sky will magically provide the food, shelter and clothing needed so these children might have some kind of life.

Unfortunately, it will not happen. What we will see is mass starvation, plague and warfare as people scramble for the last scraps of bread, the last drops of tainted water, and gasp for a breath in the smog-filled air that already surrounds our planet. When in this state, is war very far behind?

Pope Benedict's stance is an old one for the church. The assault on women dates back to the writings of Paul, clearly a man who hated women and made sure they were turned into second-class citizens in the religious cult system he created. Unfortunately Christianity, predicated on a lie, developed into one of the largest and most destructive religious systems in world history.

Theologians still argue over the issue of just when the developing fetus becomes a living soul. We all agree it is not at the moment of birth, but there also is conclusive evidence that the spirit does not enter the body when it is in the early stages of development. At that time, it is only living tissue, but not yet a human.

There has been a general concensus that abortions in the early weeks and even months of a pregnancy are not immoral since the developing fetus is not yet filled with spirit. Thus many nations, including the United States, allow abortions during early stages of a pregnancy.

The Vatican's call for an end to abortion has ramifications that may be reaching into the 2008 campaign for the next president of the United States, where conservatives want to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion. President George W. Bush already has packed the court with enough conservative judges to possibly shift the nation's stance on this issue.

The Pope's call also is bucking the human rights group Amnesty International, which supports a woman's right to abortion if her life is threatened or if she has been raped.

Everyone appears to be overlooking the real issue here. That is the problem of overpopulation, a polluted and dying planet, and the fact that we are running out of natural resources.

This is no longer a time for old tunnel realities that include marriage, lovely homes where couples raise children, and all of that. The great American dream has dissolved. This is no longer a time for having children, anywhere.

The crisis is so critical that forced sterilization of citizens may soon be a manditory solution. At the very least, governments should make moves similar to that attempted by China . . . requiring women to have permission before they can bear children.