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An Offer They Must Not Ignore

By James Donahue

Aaron C. Donahue brought good  and bad news to the civic leaders of his home town during a reorganization meeting on Nov. 7.

He warned that the area tourist trade will be permanently damaged by high gasoline prices, that a new federal administration under the next Democratic leadership is going to cut ineffective funding that has helped buoy the local university and local police coffers, and that the local economy is heading for bankruptcy within three years.

Donahue also noted that the local electric company, which operated for years on an old system designed to serve a local mining industry, was recently bought by a larger multi-state firm and has consequently been connected to the national grid network. This means when big storms and other calamities occur, the power company could be diverting electricity into major metropolitan areas, and that the smaller towns could go dark, sometimes for days or even weeks.

But Donahue said there also is good news. He said the town has a chance to head off this looming financial and power disaster. He said it possesses the assets to become a mecca for people from all over the United States, and the world, if civic leaders act quickly. He advocated that the town attempt to be the first city in the nation to "go completely green."

"You are very lucky to be living here," he told the council. While global warming is causing radical climate changes, including terrible storms, heat and drought in other parts of the nation, this area will offer a moderate climate that will be slightly warmer and attractive for people looking for a safe place to live.

He noted that the town also has an almost completely undeveloped waterfront that also can help be an attraction.

Donahue, a world renown prophet and psychic, told the council that John Edwards will be the next president of the United States, and that under his leadership, federal dollars will be funneled to communities to assist them in developing alternative energy systems that are earth friendly.

He said that by developing a city-owned power system, utilizing either wind or water powered generators, the town can continue providing low-cost, earth friendly and uninterrupted power to its citizens, and even make money by selling excess power to the local electric company.

Since the town is located on a Great Lakes waterfront, it can easily develop a quiet, highly effective, electric generation system by placing marine turbines that utilize the natural water currents to produce power.

A company called Marine Current Turbines Ltd of England is currently manufacturing such devices, with the financial backing of the UK government. Donahue said the turbines are bright yellow in color, look like water buoys, and can be mounted with lights to ward off ships and pleasure boats. He said he calculates that only 40 such turbines would be enough to supply this community with all of the power it needs.

Other alternatives would be helping homeowners use solar panels and other devices, some of them innovative things that Aaron has invented while developing alternative energy systems for his own home. These include solar water heating systems, panels that operate refrigeration systems, and battery packs that store solar power by day and light homes by night.

Donahue said he has been in contact with several producers and distributors of workable alternative energy supplies, and can assist the town and individual homeowners in "getting off the grid" as the cost of electricity, natural gas and fuel oil rise to record levels.

He said the recent spike in oil prices to over $100 a barrel will settle back slightly, but remain relatively fixed at about $93 a barrel, which means that gasoline, fuel oil, and all other energy costs are going to impact the local economy.

Donahue strongly urged the city council to heed his warning and take action as soon as possible to go green. "Once you do this you can be a model city for the rest of the world. You will be able to promote yourself."

"If you don't do this, this community will be financially underwater within three years," he said.

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