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Aaron Has Vital Message - Art Bell Didn't Listen

By James Donahue

Prophet Aaron C. Donahue warns that the world is on the verge of a suicidal war and after that, a plunge into the threat of extinction. He believes he has a message that can head this off. On Oct. 31, he asked to be heard by a large radio audience.

This is why he sent Coast-to-Coast radio host Art Bell the following message, appealing for time on the Wednesday night, Thursday morning show. Bell was back for a special appearance that night.

Even though the night's programming called for "open lines" with invitations for people to call in their personal ghost stories, both Bell and the show's producer said there would not be room for Aaron. Listeners consequently missed what may have been the most important show ever.

Aaron's letter is packed with information, much of it directed to the subconscious, that needs to be carefully digested by all who read it. He speaks of world mythology, and our ability collectively to alter the prophetic future we all expect to happen.

He writes: "Genetic information is not static and it too changes to accommodate survival and/ or a collective form of suicide as the ultimate antidote to pain. Our DNA is simply a tool that we must use or we will not exist."

Aaron promised big surprises for the Coast-to-Coast audience, including a cure for the dreaded H5N1 virus when it evolves to become a threat to humans, some prophetic warnings of looming future events, and some real photo images of demonic entities for Art to post on the station's web site.

Donahue also called for Americans to develop ways to erase their dependence on traditional power sources ranging from gasoline and natural gas to electricity. He is advocating solar, wind and other alternative power sources as a way of helping prolong the life of a dying earth, and just surviving the looming horrors that a sudden loss of these power sources will cause.

He also calls for America to become a cashless society as soon as possible, and wanted to explain why he believes this is important.

His letter follows:

Dear Art Bell,

As you are reading this now the United States of America will be either one step closer to annihilation or twice again a third step away (Tertium Organum) from mankind’s primal prophetic query.

Provided that we accept the impossible, change is our prison break from fear, mass hysteria, and expectation. This as I have come to know, requires the true essence of faith. The twin towers of the Tarot reveal destruction or as one might survive the initiation, an opportunity is then provided so as it should remain apart from any such vanity and that we might also appreciate what remains of life.

Regarding threatened resources, global warming, human overpopulation, and of this most relating to a failing human life support ecological system, there is an urgent need to explain the relation between Christ Consciousness (left brain), Krishna (right brain), and Buddha as the whole in terms of our breakdown of the bicameral brain.

Cross culturally, we see that the Pahana of America’s Third Mesa Hopi is also the same of Iran’s Al Mahdi; thus we see with respect unto the Arc of the Covenant, its location, and of that clergy in which a genetic key is as suspected a possible embodiment of Belial for which the problem of human existence might best be solved in terms of unity, truth, and hope.

I alone know this from a unique perspective. I know its secret and where the Arc of the Covenant is found with respect to the passage: “Then this line drawn is a key. Then this circle squared in its failure is a key also.”

That line as described in Aleister Crowley’s Libre AL Vel Legis represents the fracture of the missing Fire Clan Tablet of the Hopi. Crowley did not know this. The secret was discovered as my work continued with a Hopi Two Horned Priest at Hotevilla shortly before the elders announced on your show (Coast to Coast) a final message concerning Pahana and of the red cloak from the east in which every living thing shall burn…

I know what this means and why we must not destroy Iran. Recall that recently Russian President Vladimir Putin had a secret meeting with Iran’s Supreme Spiritual Leader. What does this mean? As you might imagine, President Putin is clearly aware of my work in Japan as per a well-known Russian psychic who then worked with me on TV Asahi.

Prior to his Presidency, Mr. Putin was in charge of Russia’s foreign and domestic intelligence (KGB) in which psychic functioning is likely to have been studied. What is suggested here should scare the hell out of everyone regardless of what is believed as a known history.

To destroy Iran now is far worse than blurring the genetic heritage of prospective Iraqi youth with depleted uranium (cradle of our modern civilization). Now, in its proper time, the Iranian clergy communicates in code that of whom will bring justice and unity to our world regardless of information lost from near eastern ancestry or odd else.

Furthermore, it is simply false to assume unrestricted access as per the preconscious processing of historical information especially of the maximum average in which a global three-month cyclical paradigm review occurs (see 24.6 hour sun and brain cycle correlation, 0096.k4 A, pg 423). Non-historical systems of information are most relevant in terms of what is probable given that a high degree of awareness occurs prior to any maximum in which a collective decision negates a majority.

Simply, one is vulnerable unto another’s past unless it conflicts with what is expected of any future provided that one knows in code the purpose of change.

Genetic information is not static and it too changes to accommodate survival and/ or a collective form of suicide as the ultimate antidote to pain. Our DNA is simply a tool that we must use or we will not exist.

In totality, death is not extinction and the human brain is not designed to comprehend the absolute thus we see an increase of pre-extinction patterns of behavior as an extreme violation of social norms and most rational expectations (see Columbine Incident, USA).

I am entertaining the idea of silence until our end of life here. There is a reason for this as you might be aware although an opportunity feels right for this October 31 in which according to your graces, I might speak with your audience concerning the aforementioned horror and also there will be provided select photographs of the Goetic Spirits not yet seen by the public.

I will show you these pictures as they are unedited, raw, and without question a reality as projected.

Perhaps you might have noticed Osborne’s album “Black Rain” in which he fell under a vision of atomic annihilation. You will also notice on the album/ CD cover Spirit 1 and Spirit 11 in which a future is told. Again, we see; “my prophet is a fool with his one, one, one,…” (Liber Al vel Legis, Book 1 verse 48).

Future Trends: Going ‘Off (Energy) Grid’ in America and the rest of the World: As a matter of great importance concerning an immediate future, I would like to explain why any who can afford it, should now become independent of centralized distribution sources of energy. I am in the immediate process of going completely off the power grid with many innovative technologies including those of my own both working and some in total failure.

It has been said of any great scientist that one is not measured in terms of success but of the ability to withstand much failure. This being said, I have learned a great deal about these technologies and how to go successfully off the grid. This is a worldwide trend now in its infancy and for you, this represents an opportunity to be there first with a prophetic perspective as I am keenly aware.

H5N1 and Other Epidemiological Horrors: There is a surprising treatment for those who hope to survive the cytokine release of H5N1 and also for most super organisms that pose little or no conventional treatment solutions.

Peak Cheap Oil Production and Western Economic Solutions: Here we have a simple solution and one that involves a clear preventative solution to many diseases aforementioned. This solution involves a cashless society and why we must do this now or face economic peril.

What I have discovered about this will fascinate your audience and scare the hell out of any who believes that Orwell was right!

I am available for your wonderful show perhaps for one last time and if the Spirits call unto it, I will consider another secret that will shock everyone… And I mean everyone!


Aaron C. Donahue