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Halloween Horror – Seventh Billionth Human Arriving!

By James Donahue

It was just eleven years ago that the world marked a somewhat jaded celebration of the calculated birth of the six billionth person. That occasion, according to world census counters, occurred at two minutes past midnight on October 12, 2000.

Some newspapers published cute stories proclaiming the event a “happy” accomplishment. United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan gave a speech at Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to mark the occasion. What were they thinking?

Now, according to the United Nations Population Fund, the world population is expected to hit the Seven Billion mark on October 31, 2011, which ironically is the very day we celebrate the ancient Celtic holiday once known as All Hallows Eve. It is a day when pagans honored the dead.

The arrival of the seventh billion person at a time when the world is in the throes of chaos caused by overpopulation, the deletion of natural resources, lack of adequate food, water and shelter, economic collapse, mass pollution of air, land and water, and the mass extinctions of more and more species of plants and wildlife, is not good news.

Our world is already so overpopulated that we are plunging headlong into mass extinction. Yet few people seem to notice or even care.

When we hit the six billion mark, Timothy Weiskel, director of Harvard University’s Environmental Values and Public Policy Program, warned that the human race is rushing toward extinction at a rate faster than happened to the dinosaurs. Those creatures were around for about 150 million years.

In a story that appeared in Environmental News, Weiskel warned that the world’s dwindling resources can no longer support the people who live on it. “It is the height of arrogance for humans to put themselves at the center of all creation. In the past, we’ve been able to move on to new land and untapped resources. But now we have run out of time and places to go.”

In nature, when a species of animal overpopulates, there is always a mass die-off that keeps everything in balance. But humans, who have experienced plagues and mass deaths at certain dark moments in the past, have used science and medicine to beat the odds. Not only have we succeeded in diverting potential pandemics, but we have learned to extend our lives so that people now live longer than ever before. Consequently, our numbers continue to grow.

Statistics show that the third world poverty-stricken countries are breeding like flies. Ironically, one of the few countries in the world showing a decline in population is Italy, the heart of Catholicism, where people are ignoring the demands of the church and practicing birth control.

More and more people, especially in the developed nations, understand that having children is a costly thing to do. Large families reduce the quality of life for everyone in the circle.

The communist government of China understood the dangers of overpopulation early. In an effort to get it under control the Chinese government, where the Catholic Church has little or no influence, ruled in 1970 that families were limited to only one child. If a second child was born the family was fined and the child was prohibited from attending the better schools.

Here are the awful statistics: It took most of human history, until 1804, for the population to reach a billion. By 1960 the population hit three billion. In the last 40 years the population doubled. We produced the last billion people in just 11 years.

The world is now poised for a fierce battle over claims for those last resources. We are running out of lumber, oil, food, and room for everyone to live. The seas are so polluted that life even there is going extinct. The air, land and water is so polluted the planet no longer can support all that live on it.

The myth of the end of the world, the Christian belief in a final world war and the Mayan Calendar that comes to an abrupt end in 2012 are all causing people to believe that something terrible is about to occur.

Indeed, world leaders appear to be acting irrationally as thousands of people riot in the streets all around the world. We appear to be on the brink of committing mass suicide.

Thinks to think about when the ghosts and goblins call at your door this Halloween.

October 2011