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What Secret Does The CIA Know About Climate Change?

By James Donahue

Of all the strange reports coming out of Washington this year, the decision by the Central Intelligence Agency to keep its own analysis of the effects of global warming “classified” in the interest of national security is among the more peculiar.

While we are still listening to politicians declare that they remain in total denial of climate change and a warming earth, most world scientists have been sounding the alarm for years and some government agencies have warned that weather-related issues like melting ice caps, rising sea levels, depletion of natural resources, severe storms and desertification are already having an impact on our overpopulated world.

If anything, it is perhaps refreshing to know that at least one government agency has concluded that global warming/climate change is a national threat. What is disconcerting is that the agency feels that some of the information obtained in a study, apparently made nearly a decade ago, is too dangerous to be made public.

Thus the question is . . . what do they know that we don’t already know? Is the world perhaps caught up under some kind of doomsday clock that the CIA is keeping under wraps?

It was as early as February, 2004 that a Pentagon report about the potentially imminent and colossal national security threat posed by climate change made its way around the Internet. Even then, some publications accused the military of “suppressing” the report even though an entire copy could easily be downloaded from a circulating PDF file on line. Even then, the findings by the military chiefs were grim and the report not only should have been making headlines, but kicking politicians into action to do something about it.

Remember that we still had the village idiot, George W. Bush, in power in 2004. And Mr. Bush and his ilk were busy that year manipulating the American public into re-electing him to a second term in office. And Mr. Bush was a robotic “yes man” for the corporate interests controlling the nation, so his public position was that global warming was a hoax. The Republican position was then, and may still be that it has been perpetuated by “the Chicken Little crowd” that believes the sky is falling.

The Pentagon report didn’t fall completely on deaf ears in Washington. It stimulated a bill by Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman to introduce the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act as a first real step toward dealing with the dangers of climate change. But the bill was defeated in the Senate.

The CIA apparently got involved with the Pentagon in 2009, and by early 2010 a story under the by-line Tom Gjelten broke on the Internet announcing that the two military agencies were officially considering global warming a threat to U. S. national security.

The story said the issue was identified for the first time in the Quadrennial Defense Review, a Congress-mandated report that updates Pentagon priorities every four years. Gjelten wrote that “the reference to climate change follows the establishment in October of a new Center for the Study of Climate Change at the Central Intelligence Agency.

“The projections lead us to believe that severe weather events will increase in intensity in the future, perhaps in frequency as well,” Gjelten wrote.

The story suggested that military planners were looking at worst case scenarios like pandemics, wars over oil, food, water and other dwindling natural resources and the displacement of millions of people by flooding, drought and pestilence.

In short, the military is busy drawing up detailed plans for handling a wide variety of contingencies caused by extreme heating and weather changes that are already occurring.

Strangely, after announcing that it was creating a center to analyze the geopolitical ramifications of the effects of climate change, the CIA has now “classified” the results of all of the information it now has collected.

American author and academic researcher Jeffrey Richelson, a senior fellow with the National Security Archive, writes on an Internet blog that the CIA denied his recent Freedom of Information Act request for the agencies’ findings.

Richelson said a CIA spokesperson told him that after a “thorough search for records responsive to your request and located material that we determined is currently and properly classified and must be denied in its entirety.”

So what more is there to know about future earth changes? The very fact that a government agency like the CIA is holding back information like this suggests some kind of conspiracy may be in the works.

Stories have been circulating for years about secret underground bunkers that have been under construction not only in the United States but under Russia, Europe and other nations of the world. There recently has been a strange shortage not only of food but medical supplies. Do the wealthy kings of the earth plan to burrow underground like the ant people foretold in Hopi prophecy? Are they about to leave the rest of us to perish because of a natural disaster that is about to befall us all?

The contemporary prophets are all telling us that a major earth change is already beginning to occur. The planet is preparing to go into a period of sleep when it will turn cold. There will be earthquakes and volcanic activity. A lot of people will perish. It will be a dark period of our own making. But when it is over, the world will repair itself and those humans that survive will face a new world.

We should not fear death if this is our fate. It is merely a transition from our present three dimensional state into the old spiritual plane from where we originated. It will be like going home.

No one is going to escape what is coming. In fact, we are assured that one of the outcomes of all of this is that the aliens living among us, who have been controlling our lives for thousands of years, will be driving back to where they came from. And when you think about it, one of the last places we will want to be is hiding in an underground bunker when the planet begins to shake.