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Controlling A Poorly Educated Nation

By James Donahue

Our revelation that the average IQ of Americans was calculated at 98 back when George W. Bush won re-election to office in 2004 helps explain why so many people appear to be so gullible to clever campaign and corporate advertising gimmicks.

As explained in our earlier story, an IQ level of 98 describes people best used as corporate slaves. They are capable of running the machines of industry, driving trucks, packing shelves, and doing the heavy bull work. They can be kept satisfied by a meager wage if it is enough to supply the basic needs of the family and buy the beer and snacks they want to consume while engrossed in their weekend televised football, baseball, basketball or other athletic contests.

They can easily be persuaded by clever advertising to be consumers of just about any product or the talking head (huckster) that delivers the biggest political lie. People with an IQ this low usually don’t read about or give serious thought to the affairs of government, science or the world around them. They are happy listening to the nightly news that delivers a shallow and often slanted view of what is really going on.

This is not to say that most Americans are but one step above the Neanderthals that once wandered the planet. Indeed, DNA studies have shown that humans have evolved and possess the capability of achieving far more than we appear to be doing as a civilization.

The problem appears to lie in the development of the brains of our children. Everything a child learns is strictly controlled by religious, social and government rules, almost from the moment of birth. Thus the society in which we are born controls what we are taught, what we will believe, and how we are expected to behave.

Thus the problem isn’t an inability to have intelligence. It is really a failure on the part of society to properly teach. Our people are not slow. They are uneducated. They have never learned how to use the magnificent brains they were born with.

If the child grows up in a restricted nation like North Korea, for example, it will have little knowledge of any kind of life outside of the controlled teachings of the Korean Communist regime. Children in America are being controlled in a more subtle although similar way. They must attend schools where they begin each day reciting a Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag that is laced with patriotic propaganda that is not factual. They sing patriotic songs like “God Bless America” and the “Star Spangled Banner,” and, just as in North Korea, a portrait of the current President of the nation hangs in nearly every room.

American children grow up truly believing they are living in the greatest nation on Earth. And they cannot understand why would-be “terrorists” from other countries would think of attacking us as they did at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and New York in 2001. They are willing to sign up with the military to fight to defend the United States from the moment they graduate from high school. But they have no understanding of other world cultures, and how we are perceived by them.

Are we not living within a carefully designed society? And are the designers not people with an agenda designed for mass control? If we examine our education system, especially what has happened in our colleges and universities, we will find that learning has drifted away from academic issues and slid into specific job skills, we find a troublesome pattern. Americans by in large are no longer trained to think and be leaders. They are being trained into corporate slavery.

That our government leaders are now dependent on wealthy financial backers if they are to have any chance of being elected to office puts wealthy individuals and powerful corporations in control of everything that goes on in our state and national capitals. America boasts a two-party system of government, but in reality, both parties appear to be sold-out to big business interests. The concept of a Republic, where elected representatives “of the people and for the people” serve everybody fairly and equally, no longer exists.

In short, Americans are being carefully controlled by a select few manipulators carefully hiding behind a smoke screen of secrecy. They control everything that goes on in Washington, in our schools and on the world financial stage.

The good news is that change is in the wind. The public protests that have risen on the streets of New York, Washington, Los Angeles and many other big cities across the nation are a sign that people are waking up to what has been done to them. The same thing is happening in the Middle East, in Africa, in China and all over the world.

The radio buffoon Rush Limbaugh last week told his listeners that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been secretly organized by President Barack Obama and a few wealthy manipulators as a last-ditch effort to save the Obama presidency from a takeover by the Republicans in 2012. But Mr. Limbaugh is a pawn of the powers that made him among the wealthy people in the United States. You cannot trust a thing he says.