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When Death Comes
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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By James Donahue

Someone sent me a somewhat disturbing Internet writing by an unidentified author that warns people to avoid going into the white light during the death experience. The writer, who goes by the screen name Martin Gman, warns that this light is a trap and all that enter are flung back to endure another life on Earth, which he identifies as hell.

This writer claims to be an astral traveler and a student of the occult and mysticism, and he argues that the white light seen by people having near death experiences is “designed to keep us enslaved and to be reborn again to continue the Slave Race of humanity.”

He advises us to look beyond the white light at the time of death, and try to find a golden light. Then instead of plunging into the white light, we concentrate on the gold instead. “The Golden light is the way to the Source and it bypasses the great void,” he wrote.

While I am not an authority on after death experiences, never having had such a thing happen to me, I have successfully traveled in the astral and I personally knew two people who did survive near death experiences, and both men told stories of entering a light and then returning to their earthly bodies. No, they were not reincarnated. They just popped back to their old bodies and lived to tell what happened to them.

I do not remember either of them describing the color of the light. They just naturally flew into it.

The first person I refer to was my brother-in-law, Wayne, who as a young boy nearly drowned after diving under a home-made raft and getting his swim suit caught on a protruding nail. He was eventually pulled out of the water by an older brother and resuscitated. While drowning, he told of going into the black, then seeing a light at the end of a long tunnel. He floated through the tunnel and entered the light, finding a brightly lit landscape of flowers, trees and other vegetation. He also saw long dead relatives and friends there waiting to welcome him. He said he also remembered music that was so lovely he did not want to leave this place. He was actually upset with his brother for reviving him and bringing him back to his old body. Wayne lived the rest of his life without fear of death.

The second person was Dennis Hale, the sole survivor of the sinking of the Great Lakes ore carrier Daniel Morrell on Lake Huron in 1966. Morrell lived 38 hours in freezing weather in a November gale dressed only in his under ware, a pea coat and life jacket. The other men on the raft they shared died of exposure within a short time. Hale also told of blacking out and flying through a long back tunnel into a light. When he arrived he met his dead mother and the other crew members of the Morrell. He said it was a joyful reunion, but then his friends from the Morrell told him he had to go back, that it was not yet his time. Suddenly he snapped back into his cold suffering body on the raft. It was shortly after that when a Coast Guard helicopter dropped down and picked him up. Hale has since written a book about his experience.

Neither man envisioned the place they visited at the end of the dark tunnel as a revolving door designed to send them propelling back to Earth to live out another life of hell. Instead they remembered this place as one of extreme comfort and joy, and one they wanted to return to when their time came.

In a search of the Internet, we find a few writings by people who had out-of-body experiences that described the light at the end of the tunnel as golden. They did not mention having to choose between a white light and a golden one.

In our personal contact with The Abba Father, we once received instructions for turning on our personal resonance in preparation for a major change in looming world events. He said: “Turn on this light. Go within, open every cell, look at all the light there. Feel every cell communicating together. Raise the light now like a flame with sparks glowing. Keep this resonance in your head, using sparks glowing evermore.”

The Abba Father’s description suggests that the light within our cells is the color of fire. And we all know fire takes on a golden hue when it burns brightly. It also turns white when the heat of the flame intensifies.

In my own astral travels, and in our dealings with such amazing entities as the Archangel Michael and The Abba Father, and more recently our introduction to The Creator of All through our introduction to Theta Healing, my wife and I have been made aware of various plains of spiritual existence that can be found outside of the body.

Most of the lower plains are creations of the minds of thousands of humans who all envision such places as Heaven or Hell. Consequently, such places appear to exist, although I have not sought them out and cannot assure anyone that they really exist. An acquaintance, who learned to astral travel through studies as the Monroe Institute, told of visiting Heaven. He said the place looked exactly like the Christians would have it look. It was a place with streets paved in gold, lots of churches and angelic choirs singing on almost every corner, and all of the other trappings of Christendom. If there is a gold light to be seen at the end of the tunnel, it may be the doorway to Heaven.

Yet another acquaintance deeply involved in esoteric affairs, and an astral traveler, told of being troubled over a personal problem and seeking an answer from God. This woman said she found herself in a place filled with golden light and met the god of this plain on his death bed. She said she understood that where ever she was, it was a place of religious dogma. Was she visiting Heaven?

Heaven does not appear to be the final destiny for any of us. It is merely a place invented by religiosity and serves no useful purpose in the scheme of things. It may be significant that the woman referred to above found a dying god in that place.

Beyond these plains we found that the Sixth and Seventh Plains were of most interest. Nearly all of the spiritual forces we are familiar with . . . the angels, The Abba Father, and even the demons, appear to exist in the Sixth Plain. When we communicate with them, they can give us amazing and very useful information, report future events, and even help solve personal problems. But all of the entities on the Sixth Plain are said to trade services for payment. It is said that we either pay in personal loss, in health problems, or other occurrences in our lives.

Above the Sixth Plain is the pure white light of the Seventh Plain. This is the home of the Creator of All. It is here where we can achieve direct communication with the Creator, and it is here that prayers and personal requests are answered.

Above the Seventh Plain there is still more light. The light here is so bright in comparison to the dim light of our existence on Earth, that it is hard to look at. No one knows what happens if or when our spirits rise above the Seventh Plain into the intense light above. I have always suspected that this is the overwhelming force of the Universe.

It is true that many of us return to Earth to live out many lifetimes. Some say we need to live these lives over and over before we learn to get it right . . . to shake off all of the bad karma hanging on us from this and past lifetimes. The false religious systems we have created are only serving to put stumbling blocks in our paths to achieving this goal. This may be why we have to come back again and again.

It is also obvious that the social environment we have created on this planet involves a slave mentality for most people. We spend our lives working for the masters who reap the profit of our labor.

There is another theory . . . that some of us are here by choice. We elected to come to this planet during these difficult last days to do what we can to direct as many souls as possible unto the correct pathway. This explains why we have so many prophets and spiritual teachers appearing among us all over the world.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we have fouled our planet, our governments and overpopulated our dying world. Our days are clearly numbered. If there was ever going to be a final time for us to be making this journey on this planet, it is right now.

We are all born of the Earth and live by the rules of the Mother. Thus we all must face death and give up these worldly bodies. When that time comes it is troublesome to think that we might have to choose between the colors of the lights that appear at the end of the tunnel.