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Microchips In Our Brains
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Are You Ready For Soul Catcher 2025?


By James Donahue


A company called British Telecom in England is working on a tiny microchip that can be placed in people's bodies that will put them on permanent record in a master computer. The plan is to implant this chip in the skull just behind the eye, where it can record a person's every thought, experience and sensation.


The name of this chip will be Soul Catcher 2025. That is because the company once believed it would be ready for use in the year 2025. Some people believe versions of this chip may already be in use, and is being implanted in unwilling subjects.


Once ready, the chip will be designed to attach directly to the optical nerve. There it would store incoming sensory impulses. Company spokesman Peter Cochrane said the chip would be tiny but have storage capacity of 10 terabytes, enough for an entire lifetime’s experience.


“This is the end of death,” said Dr. Chris Winters, another member of the research team. Winters said the chip could be removed from the body and everything played back through a computer. “By combining this information with a record of a person’s genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


Authorities perceive the chip as something similar to the “black box” installed in aircraft and automobiles. In the event of a criminal charge, the chip could be used to prove or disprove a person’s innocence or guilt.


Prison authorities in the UK already are considering a chip like it to replace the ankle bracelet worn by prisoners released on restricted probation.


The Christians will obviously see the chip as the dreaded "mark of the beast" as warned in the strange prophetic Biblical Book of the Revelation.


The warning in Rev. 14:9-10 is severe: "If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God . . ."


Millions of people, especially the Bible believers, have been programmed by these verses to be on the lookout for something like this in the so-called "end times," and to reject the mark for fear of facing eternal judgment by a vengeful God.


Indeed, there is something even more problematic about the potential use of the Soul Catcher chip once it comes into existence. Writers for both the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail have suggested that once the memory, sights, sounds and personal emotions of a person’s lifetime experience goes into this chip, what would stop science from taking the next step? That would be transplanting the information into a new-born baby, thus transferring the “spirit” of an elderly and dying person into another new body.


Imagine the moral and religious implications of doing something like that. How do we go about protecting the “soul” or “spirit” of the newborn if the body is invaded by the memories of another person. The scientific thought is that the baby would start life where the dead person left off.


While this may sound a lot like reincarnation, we perceive extreme danger in such an experiment. If we accept the belief that every person possesses an individual spirit and is linked to the light or “soul” of the creator, downloading the memory of another person into the DNA of a newborn baby might create a state of insanity. The baby could develop into a person with his own spirit, but the peculiar memories, habits and personality of a second person. It would be similar to having a split personality. And who knows where that might lead?


Carrying such a chip around in our heads would certainly change the way we live, especially if we know that somebody can someday look back at all of our thoughts, experiences and emotions. That could be an uncomfortable concept for anybody with secret perversions and hidden agendas, which most of us have at one time or another. What reader of this story can honestly say that they do not have at least a few skeletons in their personal closet?


On the other hand, because of the population growth, the speed of communications and the fast paced way the world is changing, the microchip may soon be an inevitable part of our lives. Some see it as an important tool for eliminating the volumes of paperwork connected with establishing identities, handling finance, medical records, and a variety of other things involved in daily living.


Another dark side of the chip may lie in the more distant future. Once the planet gets too polluted to support life, consider this scenario. Suppose that people develop complex computerized robotic machines that can survive without air and food. They could then transfer their memory chips and consciousness into these computer matrix systems.


The question, however, becomes a spiritual one. Just by collecting the memories of all of the experiences and sensations a person has during a lifetime, is it the same as catching the spirit or soul of that person? Is it technically possible to capture a person’s soul and move it from one body to another?


If this kind of foolishness occurs, we perceive a future planet of robotic and computerized zombies, going through the motions of being living humans, but lacking the soul of the god that exists in each of us.