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Will Today, August 8, Be A Day Of Infamy?

By James Donahue

We are living in a time of uncertainty and dramatic change. It is not surprising that a rash of would-be prophets and soothsayers are springing up on the Internet with dark predictions of doom and gloom on certain upcoming dates.

One of those dates has been August 8, 2011. Some weeks ago we recall seeing a posted prediction that there would be a global financial crash on this date. In light of all of the events that have just occurred in Washington and their impact August 4 and 5 on world stock markets, such a prediction . . . no matter what its source . . . it's enough to rattle the best of skeptics.

Indeed, top world economists were engaged in conference telephone discussions about what to do to stave off further trouble before the markets open today. In spite of all of their efforts, all world markets went into a downward spiral. The Dow Jones dropped over 630 points.

Has there been a precident?

We searched the web in vain trying to find that gloomy financial prediction and its source. We are happy to report that nobody . . . not even the best astrologers . . . foresaw anything bad happening on this date. Many, however, are predicting the beginning of a world change, possibly beginning at this moment.

August 8 has had some dark days in world history . . . but not many. Among the worst was the Sharon Tate murder that introduced us to Charles Manson, and President Richard M. Nixon chose August 8, 1974, to announce his resignation from office.

Oh, yes, France declared war against England on August 8, 1549.

If you search the Internet historical record for this date you will find that it reads like a daily newspaper, with royal marriages, great inventions and a variety of other interesting events occurring. Some involve war battles, storms and the deaths of hundreds. But those events did not go down in history as the worst of their kind.

But something important may be about to happen; and today may mark the beginning of a long predicted and painful world-wide movement for change that will have an impact on us all.

California astrologer Risa D’Angeles, who we find to be among the best of the interpreters of the movements of the planets and their effect on the affairs of men, writes that Mercury re-enters Leo today, which means that “our minds are filled to capacity with information.

What may be significant about the D’Angeles reading today is that she also says “the past will show up for closure.”

She explains: “We remember that our Industrial Revolution mindsets have come to an end. All approaches, old structures have also come to an end. Those who have created the economic problems cannot be the ones who ‘fix’ the problem. All they can do is from the ‘backdoor.’

“This Mercury retro we must ponder upon these many things. Recognizing what is obsolete and irreparable, corrupt, controlling, collapsing, delusional, filled with incompetence and now and illusion for many. The time for new ideas has come.”

D’Angeles explains that “what is occurring is an end to the materialism we have known.” This has been a time “where the focus is only on form and matter and in this we have made money the foundation for all our endeavors.”

In the new and looming world she believes humanity will turn to a spiritualized focus and a “sharing economy” which may consist of barter, community living and equal distribution of resources. “In esoteric teachings this is the shift from the solar plexus (desire of one) to the heart (love for all.)

D’Angeles warns, however, that this transition may be a slow and painful one. “Before this equalized way of life comes forth, there will be what looks and feels like destruction,” she wrote.

Esoteric writer Stuart Wilde this date wrote on his blog: "The Age of Chaos is banging on the door on a story night, demanding to be let in. The Western world is drowning in debt created by irresponsible politicians that spent maniacally to keep themselves in power."

Wilde warned that humanity has failed to show love and compassion for one another and Gaia is not happy. She is about ready to clean house.

"The cruel humans have been given many chances their karma has finally ran out, they had no love or contrition, just ego and self importance. Gaia wants her beloved planet back and she doesn't care for humans, in fact they are the enemy to her."