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Randy George: The Final Message


(The following arrived in my e-mail via an old friend. We believe the message is so inspired and powerful that it needs to be passed on. It is a message of positive inspiration at a time when it appears that the world as we have known it is under the control of outside forces bent on enslaving the human race. We offer it to you exactly as it was received)


I have a message to deliver. This message is intended for a very large assortment of individuals who have over time developed the idea that they have power over others in this domain of the Universe. This message is for the people currently on Earth who are known as the PTW (The Powers That Were).


This message is for the group of people who think they control the PTW, those individuals who reside in Australia, who leave no evidence of their existence. This message is intended for the beings who reside off-world who are of Orion Nordic (formerly reptilian) origin, and all the beings contained within their vast empire, that are currently surrounding Earth. This includes all the sub-groups currently on Earth imposing ANY kind of authoritarian control over any other beings.


Finally, this message is directed to those beings residing in the highest levels of the dark collective consciousness who are deluded enough to think that they regulate both sides of polarity in our Universe of light/ frequency/ polarity based construction.

The message is simple... You have NO power over Humanity. No matter what you say or do, you will only be playing your roles as part of a bigger master plan, which is ultimately guided by the consciousness of this solar system, the Sun, and the consciousness of the planet we exist on, the Earth.

The consciousness of the solar system includes ALL local planetary bodies and celestial bodies that are visible and not currently visible to humanity. Every planet in our solar system is guided by the higher consciousness of the Sun, who as a conscious being takes responsibility for everything contained within itself. Each planet in the solar system also takes full responsibility for all life that exists on its body.


While there are many beings in your ranks who roam the solar system thinking they control other life forms, there is absolutely NO way for these deluded individuals to manipulate the consciousness of the planets themselves.

The course of events that occur with humanity in these next years is ultimately guided by the Feminine Aspect of the Universal Consciousness, who has manifested herself as the planetary body of Earth. SHE is the most powerful being in the ENTIRE Universe.

Those of you at the top of your false power structure have hid this fundamental truth from humanity for long enough. She is not frail or weak, or in need of any help from anyone. She is incredibly powerful. She is power enough to responsibly contain the combined energy of humanity (the most powerful race of beings in the entire Universe), so she can give birth to a new race of Universal creators, Light beings who will physically embody the full spectrum of Universal creation.

When you one day realize the magnitude of your deluded ways over the eons past, you will finally realize that you have been contracted by higher aspects of humanity, to play roles in this level of creation, to serve us and provide challenges for the microcosm of humanity so that the macrocosm of the Universe can be responsibly rebalanced. To put it simply, you work for us. You simply forgot this over the ages and eons of time, because your vibration has severely fallen out of sync with the vibration of Unconditional Love.

This message may hurt your little egos, and it might also inspire you to react in some way. The truth is that you cannot do anything that isn't already written in our contracts with you, which we compiled long before you lost your memory of your purpose here. You can only "think" you will act on your own accord, but in truth, everything we allow you to do is aligned with the unfoldment of creation and the divine destiny of humanity.


This message may help to serve some of you as a wakeup call, that even with your "mighty" technological prowess and manipulative abilities, you are still operating under the illusion of free-will. You have NO power over humanity. Your power over other beings is a grand illusion.


The veil covering humanity's limited perception is evaporating rapidly and you will soon be revealed as powerless puppets who until now have only been pretending to be puppet masters. The veil that lifts for humanity will not be lifted for you because your arrogance and self-righteousness prevent you from understanding how your roles actually serve the journey of humanity, and therefore prevents you from attaining the state of balance required to ascend in vibration.

The events that will unfold over the next several months will confuse you, because you do not have access to the wisdom that we possess. You may continue to impose your energy of ignorance down upon humanity, but in your ignorant state you will actually be unwittingly assisting to further awaken humanity. The greater your "reactions" are to the events, the greater the awakening of humanity will be, and you will ultimately further weaken your own grip of "control" that you "think" you have.

By now you must realize that you can only project your own energies onto other beings. It is actually you who are the ignorant and fearful, otherwise you would not be expressing yourselves in such a frantic, indecisive and cowardly fashion. It is you who are fearful and ignorant of the true power of humanity, and therefore you can only project your own diminished state onto others because you are not currently capable of elevating your frequency beyond a certain point.

I will make no apologies for the intensity of this message, nor will I care what you think you will do to me, after I have revealed the truth of your disguise. If other people are uplifted by this message, then please remember that YOU are the beings who served me and inspired me to compile this document in the first place. I am grateful to you for the roles you have played in my life. Without you, I would not be as empowered as I am. I express my unconditional love to you.

One day you will wake up, just as humanity awakens now, and you will realize that you are also loved by the Universal Consciousness, and you are honored for the roles that you played in the unfoldment of humanity's divine destiny. Until that "time" comes, please be aware that from this point forward, your control measures and implementations for hijacking the power of humanity are only a small entertaining thought from much higher realms in the Universe, and the power that you had access to will forever only be a tiny fragment of what exists in the totality of Universal creation. You will not have access the greater power that humanity has within because it can only be accessed through the vibration of Unconditional Love.

I wish you all the smoothest return journey back to balance.

- Randy George - 7 July 2011 -