Lourenco Marques



Portuguese Ship Lourenco Marques

By James Donahue

There are pictures that exist of the Lourenco Marques, and there is a record of its existence on the high seas from 1905 until it was scrapped in 1950. But this ship survived through two world wars and never suffered damage from collision, torpedoes, bombs or bullets so it passed from the scene with little fanfare.

Launched in 1905 in Germany as a passenger and freight carrier for the Deutsche Ost-Afrika Line, the ship was originally named Admiral. She measured 126.8 meters in length, sported a single funnel and two masts. It offered accommodations for 72 first class, 112 second class and 80 third class passengers.

The Admiral made regular trips from Hamburg, Germany to African ports. When the First World War broke out in August, 1914, the ship was moored at Lourenco Marques and she did not leave the harbor. Then in early 1916 she was seized by Portuguese authorities and renamed Lourenco Marques under the management of Transportes Maritimos do Estado, in Lisbon.

The vessel remained in service of Portuguese owners, making regular trips between Portugal and Mozambique until it was retired and scrapped in 1950.

Lourenquo Marques

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