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Psiomni PAN Classes Open This Week


By James Donahue

Jan. 1, 2006


Jennifer L. Sharpe is teaching on-line classes in remote viewing as a prerequisite for the advances states of practical application of non-historical data (PAN).


To get involved in the training program and to sign up for the Voice of Lucifer (VOL) Newsletter, the special VOL chat room and have access to radio archives, go to the web site and sign up. Cost of the classes will be as low as $6.16 a month if paid annually. The fee is $9.99 if paid weekly.


Also offered is the VOL Newsletter, access to the VOL Newsgroup and the radio archives, for a total price of $4.99 a month.


Total yearly membership cost is $119.76  


Sharpe, who trained directly with psychic and PAN creator Aaron C. Donahue, will begin with basic training and then advance students in preparation for PAN training. Donahue said he will be assisting in the PAN instruction.


Donahue, who developed PAN, says he can teach his students to see numbers and that this will include simple lottery systems before they are drawn.


He said he believes students can become skilled enough to win enough at three and four digit lottery drawings that they can become financially independent. He warns that nobody will get rich and the work is difficult. But the technique can provide enough for people to get by and then devote their free time to spiritual and mental evolution.


Donahue warned that remote viewers who claim they can use their skills to win lottery drawings are not being truthful. He said remote viewing is flawed, with the very best viewers receiving an accuracy level of no more than 87 to 90 percent.


Donahue said he will be watching students who pass through the Psiomni classes and will be seeking the very best of those with a knack for numerics to work with him in future business projects.


He said the classes are offered on line, and at a very low price, so everybody that wants to learn PAN will have access. He said learning PAN also is a rapid way of opening the mind and developing the brain.


Also offered on the Psiomni site is the first VOL Newsletter, filled with news and information of special interest to Luciferians. Many of the articles and the art work that appears in the newsletter will be produced by the members. The publication is available as a pdf file and will be sent to members monthly by email.


Also available soon will be a DVD containing all of Aaron’s lectures during 2005, and access to the radio station’s archives beginning January 1, 2006.



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