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Red Tape Delays Immunity Book Release


By James Donahue

Sept. 10, 2005


The book is ready but wouldn’t you know it, government red tape is stalling its release for at least another week or two.


This is the word from author Aaron C. Donahue, who is poised to release the first of a series of planned lectures on life changes designed to aid people who choose the program on a new spiritual and mental path toward self-fulfillment and survival.


His first release, Enhanced Immunity 12-SL, was promoted for release this weekend, Sept. 11. But unexpected delays in business registry are making it impossible to formally sell the book until all of the paperwork is completed.


Orders will be accepted, but delivery of the books must wait until this glitch is resolved, Donahue said.


Donahue said this booklet will be crammed with important vital tips for enhancing the human immune system and keeping it strong so we can survive the looming plagues that will be sweeping the world.


Health officials are worried that the H5N1 virus, commonly known as the bird flu, could become a deadly world pandemic if it evolves so that it can be passed from human to human. So far the virus is only being passed from birds to animals, including humans. The illness has a high morbidity rate.


Donahue said he sees more than just one plague killing people. He said there are many super pathogens looming, some of them already making an appearance. They are deadly and there are no vaccines to help us ward them off. Our only defense will be maintaining strong immune systems.


Enhanced Immunity 12-SL will be the first of a series of 33 booklets that will be issued to those that choose to follow the program, Donahue said.


All are lectures, prepared for delivery in a classroom setting. Because time is now so short, Donahue said he is selling them at a very low price of just under $10 so everybody can afford to have them.


The series will also offer important information for not only physical and mental health, but mental and spiritual growth. Each booklet must be read and understood, and hopefully the recommendations put in practice, before the next book is made available.


By carefully following the regime, people can reach a higher mental state and be ready for the 34th book, the first stage of the practical application of non-historical data. This book will reveal how to see lottery numbers in advance of daily drawings.


Donahue says getting to this level involves a lot of hard work and personal preparation. Once you get there, winning lotteries will be hard work, but an average person can make a living doing it.


“You will not get rich. There is a spiritual component involved in this. You will win just enough to meet your needs. You will be able to quit your job and devote time to spiritual growth,” he said.


He said similar high-priced books and CDs offered by remote viewers that claim to see lottery numbers are bogus. Donahue warns that the techniques offered do not work and will only leave the buyer frustrated.


He said his books are being offered at a very low cost so everybody can have them that wants them. He said they are being sold at just over the estimated cost of producing them. Any additional money will be used to open new and better radio broadcasting and television production studios so the Voice of Lucifer can go back on the air with a bigger and finer format than ever.


Temples also are planned.


Persons wishing to sign up for the program or make cash contributions to the Luciferian Order are encouraged to contact Aaron or Jennifer Sharpe through his website at or write to:


PMB #102

3964 Rivermark Plaza

Santa Clara, Ca 95054




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