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The Abba Father And Other Entities

By James Donahue

In those wonderful years living with my late wife Doris, I grew accustomed to her communications with entities "from the other side."

Doris grew up with a close relationship to her grandmother, Alice Nichols, who was a spiritualist. That this widowed woman could talk to the dead, work Ouija boards, lift tables and do other amazing things in her little home near Deford, Michigan, was a family secret. But Doris, who loved her grandmother deeply, was not only aware of this woman’s ability, but she seemed to have inherited "the gift."

Doris was raised in a staunch Baptist environment which taught the sinfulness of witchcraft and magic spells, so she did not experiment with her special gifts until late in life. But one day, after a series of troublesome incidents drove our family to a decision to abandon Christianity and seek alternative spiritual pathways, Doris decided to experiment with her own version of a Ouija board.

She didn’t have a model of a Ouija board to work with, so Doris drew one from memory on a blank sheet of paper. As it turned out, the board she drew had the letters and numbers all in disarray, but she didn’t know that at the time. She used an old Indian head penny her father had given her as her first instrument of communication. Later she used a small smooth stone from the Earth.

It didn’t seem to matter what she used, Doris was always in touch with some force. But her first contacts were frightening. They identified themselves as demons and dark forces reaching out from the very pit of hell. Their messages were terrible. They warned of family members getting killed in automobile crashes, of murders, robberies and rapes.

It took her a while, but Doris slowly learned how to clear her "board" of demonic forces and connect with more trusted and friendly entities. She usually went through a ritual of cleansing the house and burning incense before opening her board. She also had a candle burning on the table she was using. When we were in contact, I noticed that the candle flame often danced and burned brighter than usual.

It is interesting to note that one of the first good entities to open up to Doris was Elohim. This was one of the names the ancient Hebrew people used to address God. It was a name that recognized God as the Creator of the Universe.

Another entity that communicated with us through that "board" was the Archangel Michael, who seemed to attach himself to us during our adventures in Arizona. There were some dangerous times involving some drunken Navajo Indians but when these events happened, Michael’s presence, a soft amber glow that filled the room, gave comfort that we were protected.

After Arizona, and we were back in Michigan again, Michael stepped aside and The Abba Father became the primary messenger on the "board." Readers of this site may be familiar with The Abba Father messages which appeared regularly. In fact, there is a link to The Abba Father dialogues that appears at the top of the page.

The Abba Father never identified himself as God, but rather one of "The Old Ones" that once ruled over the Earth. He said they were returning to the planet to help repair and restore Earth. He said we have been victims of a runaway alien dominated society of enslaved people and that the world he been in this situation for thousands of years.

My dream is that this message was a truthful one, and that help is coming. It does not appear that we humans are going to do much to rescue ourselves or save this planet.

By the way, the ancient Hebrew people also had another name for God. They called Him: The Abba Father.