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A Dog For Mayor? Why Not?

By James Donahue

Members of the Oakland, California Occupy Movement have jokingly declared their mascot, a dog named Einstein, one of 19 candidates running for the office of Mayor in this year’s city elections.

Einstein, who has been a regular with his owners at Occupy Oakland events, is being promoted as a candidate to best represent the city’s 98 percent. Fliers and posters with the dog’s picture are appearing around town.

One promotional poster allegedly quotes Einstein as saying he was a candidate because “I like to run. A lot!” It declares his slogan: “He’s a very good dog. He’ll be a very good mayor.”

While his name won’t officially go on the ballot, and technically, dogs can’t hold public office in Oakland, there is nothing to stop voters from writing in Einstein’s name. 

Suppose, just for the fun of it, that Einstein received more votes than all the other candidates and got elected to office. And suppose that the town’s legal eagles could not find a law on the books prohibiting an animal from holding office. Would Einstein technically be the town’s mayor for a term?

While nobody expects such a ridiculous chain of events to happen, the dog campaign is serving as a creative way for the concerned citizens to pinpoint the hot political issues not only of Oakland, but the nation this mid-term election year.

The issues for Oakland include: income equality, police brutality concerns, government surveillance, and a push for a single-payer health care system instead of the insurance company governed and twisted system emerging under the new federal health care system.

Perhaps Einstein would do well to be running for Congress this year. Voters are looking for something better than what they have in office now. A chamber of dogs would probably accomplish no less than most of the sold-out crooks currently holding those seats.

The dogs would do no harm, work for much less, and there is no doubt that they would gain the respect of their constituents.