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Cimejes; The Spirit Of Africa
By James Donahue
There seems to be a true spirit watching over the Continent of Africa. He is Cimejes, a tall, black entity that looks like, and distinctly associates himself with the black skinned people of that part of the world.

He also is known as Kimaris. He is the sixty-sixth demon in the list of Spirits of the Goetia.

The Sixteenth Century magician Johann Wier wrote that Cimeries (yet another spelling) “is a great marquesse and strong, ruling in the parts of Africa.” S. L. MacGregor Mathers also wrote: “He ruleth over all spirits in the parts of Africa.”

Cimejes appears as a thin dark warrior riding a black horse. He holds the rank of marquis and leads 20 legions of demons. He is said to have the power of finding lost and hidden treasure, teach grammar, logic and rhetoric, and can turn men into warriors that look like him.

Wade Baskin’s Dictionary of Satanism, suggests that the name Cimeries is taken from the name Cimmerian, a tribe of warlike people mentioned by several classical authors. The Cimmerians were known as a people who lived in total darkness.