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Are Federal Judges Nuts - Or Perhaps Terrorists In Disguise?

By James Donahue

First it was the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decisions that gave corporations the power to finance campaigns by candidates of choice for high political office and rip away women’s insurance for birth control.

Now judges on the federal appeals courts are issuing conflicting rulings that are adding mass confusion for recipients of the new federal health care act and granting the Department of Agriculture the freedom to allow farmers to put antibiotics in cattle feed.

It almost appears as if the judges are working in league with a secret terrorist organization that is out to slowly kill as many Americans as possible. The rulings are threatening to strip people of their ability to afford good health insurance and force them to eat foods laced with chemicals designed to make them vulnerable to potential antibiotic-resistant super bugs.

The big corporate livestock companies feed their animals low doses of antibiotics to insure their health and make them grow faster. But doctors and scientists have warned that the antibiotics are being passed on to consumers who in turn are generating drug-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs” that are beginning to show up in hospitals and health clinics throughout the nation.

Citizen groups in New York petitioned the FDA to stop allowing farmers to use antibiotics in livestock feed, even when the animals are healthy. A lower court ruled in favor of the petitioning groups, but the U.S. Court of Appeals, in a 2-1 ruling, last week reversed the decision.

When you think about it, the winners in all of these court decisions are the big corporations that sell the cattle feed, sell the insurance and control state and national elections. The bottom line is a vast control over the people who depend on the corporations to give them employment at low wages and supply services.

If you read history books and have an understanding of the old feudal system of the way kings and high priests ruled the land throughout Europe during the dark ages, forcing the masses to work for slave wages and then returning most of the money they make in taxes to the king, you might understand what is going on in America.
This may be why most high school graduates have little understanding of geography and world history. The subjects do not appear to be on school curriculums anymore. The reason is simple. Ignorant people can be easily manipulated.