Angels & Demons




Michael – The Archangel Of Protection

By James Donahue

My wife and I became aware of the protective grace of the Archangel Michael during our adventures in Arizona, while involved in a struggle for our mere survival in a hostile and unfamiliar territory. Consequently we regard Michael as an old friend.

Michael first came to us when my wife, Doris, discovered that she had the ability to communicate with spiritual forces. After dealing with a barrage of demonic and unfriendly spirits, she connected with the angels Adoni and Michael plus the strange and undefined force named Aiwass that dictated the Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley in 1904.

While Aiwass became the principle communicator, Doris found that she also could have conversations with Adoni and Michael if she addressed them by name. They seemed to be standing by like guardian sentinels, however, during those early days of discovery. The Abba Father did not join us until long after we left Arizona and returned to Michigan.

We discovered that we always knew with Michael was with us because the room would fill with a faint violet light. Doris found herself surrounded in Michael’s protective light one night when she was alone in a rented motel room in Winslow while a fierce knife fight went on just outside her door.

On yet another occasion I called upon Michael, and his light filled my car when I was forced to made a non-stop drive from Texas to Michigan with a fierce winter storm on my heels. The soft amber light surrounded the car during the long night drive and as tired as I was, I knew that I was going to get home safely.

It is said that Michael was the first angel created by God and that he is leader of all of the Archangels. He carries a flaming sword that he uses to protect us from negative entities. His duty is to protect us, give us courage, truth and integrity. His protection reaches beyond the physical into emotional and psychic levels.

It is said that Michael can repair electrical and mechanical devices, including computers and automobiles. He stands by the sick and injured, and helps us discover our true natures during our walk through this life.

In addition to the purple light, some say that some people see flashes of bright blue when Michael is nearby.

Michael is mentioned four times in the Bible. In Daniel it is Michael that assists Gabriel in asking God to allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem. Daniel also prophecies in Chapter 12 that it will be Michael that rises up at the end of the world and “standeth for the children of thy people.”

The Catholic Bible includes the Epistle of St. Jude, in which Michael is in conflict with Satan over the bodies of both Moses and Eve and guards the bodies. The Catholic Bible also includes a story in Apocalypse 12 of a great battle in heaven between Michael and his angels and “the dragon.” This is obviously a reference to the conflict when Lucifer was supposedly expelled from Heaven.

We question the Catholic stories as well as the established Christian belief in Michael’s primary duties. They are to fight against Satan, to rescue souls of believers from the power of Satan, to champion Christians and Jews and bring men’s souls to judgment. This is part of a false Christian dogma that puts the wrong mask on this magnificent angel.

My wife and I are living proof that Michael is available to help all people, not just a limited few that adhere to certain man-made belief systems.