Angels & Demons


Bifrons – Spirit Of Morbidity


By James Donahue


If you have ever walked through a cemetery on a dark night and seen eerie lights rising up over some of the graves, the chances are that Bifrons is nearby. If the sight of the lights may seem spooky enough to cause goose-bumps to rise up your spine, just hope you do not run face-to-face into demonic figure at work in that cemetery.


Bifrons, the forty-sixth Spirit of the Goetia, appears in many forms but usually always as a ghoulish figure depicting his apparent interest in things of the dead. If he takes human form you can expect the face to be well hidden under a hood.


A remote viewing session portrayed Bifrons as a large, oval body with a bulbous nose and a hole in the middle of the “head” where the eyes would appear if the entity were human. Every artistic image we could find of Bifrons depicts him as a monster.


The late S. L. MacGregor Mathers, among the great authorities on demonology, wrote that Bifrons enjoys appearing in the form of a monster, but after a while, upon request, will change and appear as a man.


Mathers wrote: “He changest dead bodies and putteth them in another place. Also he lighteth seeming candles upon the graves of the dead.”


When this demon communicates, it is said that the message appears to come as a gentle voice inside the head. Aaron Donahue, who once evoked this spirit, wrote that “some may sense a calm voice only from the right side o the head. It will seem as your own voice or as if you are speaking to yourself. The lexicon wil be slightly different from that of your own and you may notice thoughts that are new or subtly foreign.”


While surrounded in morbidity, Bifrons, like the other Spirits of the Goetia, possesses knowledge of many other things. Mathers wrote that “his office is to make one knowing in astrology, geometry and other arts and sciences. He teaches the virtues of precious stones and woods.”


Bifrons holds the office of Earl and commands twenty six legions of spirits.