Angels & Demons


Delicate Alien From Mighty Ship

By James Donahue 

Stolas was yet another interesting Goetia Spirit to examine. When evoked, Stolas first arrived in a massive black triangular craft, and then descended in yet a smaller vessel before appearing as himself.

This race of aliens may be well represented on our planet. There are cloudless nights when most of the stars are completely blocked from view by the large pitch black ships hovering overhead. Stolas appears to have emerged from one of these types of vessels.

The old magicians, who had no concept of space craft or aliens in other dimensions, observed Stolas as a large black bird that sometimes took "human like form" when summoned. Thus he was drawn in the image of a bird.

A gentle visitor, Stolas has always been an educator who expresses a love for the Earth. It is said that his specialty was to teach "astronomy, the properties of plants, and the worth of precious stones."

Stolas is a prince among the demons. He is listed as the thirty-sixth spirit of the Goetia.