Angels & Demons


Marchosias Emerges From Mouth Of The Beast

By James Donahue

The magicians of old said they saw Marchosias, the thirty-fifth spirit, as a wolf "with griffin wings and a serpent's tail" that spits fire from its mouth. They even drew a picture portraying it this way.

When raised and drawn in a remote viewing session, however, there was a surprise. It turns out that the spirit is the thing that spews from the mouth of the beast. It is not the beast.

The viewer saw: "A horned being with a serpent tail opens a mouth of fire and red light. From the mouth of this being comes an image of Marchosias."

The spirit does not appear with much detail in the drawing. That is probably because it stands in the midst of flame and light, making it difficult to be seen clearly. The demon stands in the open maw that is the mouth of a large beast that looks down at you from above the head of Marchosias.

It is interesting to note that Johann Wier wrote in 1583 that he did not see fire coming from the mouth of the beast. He said he was unable to determine what it was that was coming out of the mouth.

In the first book of The Lesser Key of Solomon, this demon is depicted as a wolf with gryphen's wings and a serpent's tail. It is spewing fire from its mouth.

However you look at it, Marchosias is one scary image.