Angels & Demons


Morax; Demon With Hoofs and Horns

By James Donahue

Among the stranger demons among the Goetia is Morax, the twenty-first on the list.

This interesting spirit seems somewhat familiar, as he has a head with a ram's horns and two legs with hoofs. There seems to be little if any body. It is the kind of vision that children's nightmares are made of. Or stories told around an ancient campfire.

It has been suggested that this image, like some of the others, is a projected holographic picture sent from ships. One observer described him as "a man-like figure with the horns of a bull and cloven feet is projected via three distant craft."

S. L. MacGregor Mathers, who spells the spirit's name with two "a's," sums up just about all that was ever written about Morax with the following brief comment:

"Marax is the twenty-first spirit listed in the Goetia, who governs 30 legions. He appears as a bull with a man's face. He teaches astronomy and liberal sciences, can give good familiars, and knows virtues of (herbs) and precious stones."

It is the opinion of Seagrave that Morax "is exceedingly ugly."

That is a matter of personal opinion, I suppose. I personally think the creature has a lot of contempt for mankind. That message is embedded in those eyes. But he certainly is not ugly.