Angels & Demons


Demon Samigina; The Little Horse


By James Donahue


For thousands of years the Goetian Spirit known as Samigina has been seen by magickians in the form of an ass, or some say a "little horse."


Also known as Gamigin, this spirit holds the rank of marquis. He first appears in the form of a horse and then changes into human shape at the request of the summoner. It is said that he speaks with a hoarse voice. He teaches all liberal sciences and gives account of souls that died in sin. He governs 30 Legions of “Inferiors.” We suspect these are lesser ranking demons.


Samigina is the fourth in the magic list of the Goetian Spirits. He has a particular talent. He can speak to the dead, but only those who died in sin. That is, of course, by definition established by established religious beliefs.


As stated by one writer: Samigina "has the power to converse with the dead, and can give an account of all beings who have died except for servants of the Forces of Light." In other words, he consoles all of the dead but will have nothing to do with Christians who died serving under angelic control. To Samigina, these people are off bounds. But why is this. It it by his own choosing, or is Samigina, as a demonic force, separated from contact with the so-called “saints?”


Sixteenth Century observer Johann Wier, in his book Pseudomonarchia daemonum, wrote that Gamigin “summons into the presence of the exorcist the souls of    drowned men and of those detained in Purgatory.”


There is a war going on among spiritual forces. The Goetian Spirits are the most powerful of the "fallen angels." They fell, or were separated, because they chose to serve man rather than rebel against the human experiment.