Angels & Demons


Vassago: An Impish Spirit?


By James Donahue

When evoked in a remote viewing session a few years ago, the Goetia Spirit Vassago appeared as an alien with a large eye peering from behind an invisible partition. It was as if the edge of a mirror sliced the image in half never allowing it to be seen as complete.

Drawings by others who have evoked this third spirit in the list of 72 demons of the Goetia depict Vassago as a rather frightening and complex creature. There may have been good reason for its unwillingness to appear as it really looks when its portrait was being made.

One early description of Vassago was that he appeared “as an aged man riding a crocodile and carrying on his right wrist a Goshawk. His eyes are hollow and see into other dimensions, but he is blind in this dimension.”

Still another description was that Vassago appears as “a blood-red dragon, extending one slithe (30) feet long.” This creature was observed as having large, red wings. It walked on four legs, had green eyes and white fangs.

Thus it appears that Vassago enjoys changing form and playing games with the people who summon him. Over the years he has gained a reputation as a relatively benign or even friendly spirit who can tell of future events, find lost or hidden treasures, and reveal things of the past.

Vassago has been called a Prince of Prophecy. But beware when dealing with this fellow. He also bears the title Prince of Hell and rules over 26 legions of demons. There is no telling just what mischief this entity can conjure up.