Angels & Demons


Agares – A Troublesome Demon

By James Donahue

The second listed Spirit of the Goetia is Agares, a troublesome character to have around. It is said that he is under the power of the East and when evoked, appears as an old man riding a crocodile.

Agares is a grand duke of Hell. He leads 31 legions of demons. The old magicians who evoked, studied and wrote of him noted that he enjoys destroying a person’s dignity, evoking people to use foul language, and even makes anyone in motion “stand still.” This has been interpreted as ruining careers.

Collin de Plancy wrote in 1863 in his Dictionnaire Infernal that Agares also can make deserters return, cause enemies to flee, and exalt people. He also teaches all languages. But beware. The spirits of Sixth Realm expect payment for such services, and the price may be more than the petitioner may wish to give.

Oh yes, the magicians all mention that Agares also can cause earthquakes. As de Plancy put it: he can “make the earth spirits dance.”

It may be of interest to note that the active demons have been cohabiting the planet with mankind for so long that they have sometimes been worshipped as gods, or known my numerous other names. Agares is no exception. During the thousands of years that this demon has been written or spoken of, he has been known as Amaymon, Barmiel, Carnifiel, Daresiel, Dardariel, Tamiel, King of the East and Grand Duke of Eastern Hell.