Angels & Demons


Ramiel – Thunder Of God


By James Donahue


Ramiel is classified as an archangel. His name in Hebrew means “Mercy of God,” and also “Lord of Souls awaiting resurrection.” Thus some believe Ramiel is the Angel of Hope, the one assisting souls on their way into heaven.


Ramiel’s other main duty is to bring divine visions to the living.


From the Book of Enoch, however, we see a possible dark side to this powerful angel. He is listed among the 20 “fallen” angels who led the angelic pack that mated with the women of the Earth and produced a new breed of “giants” as told in the Book of Genesis. These angels also were said to have taught humanity “forbidden knowledge.”


The ancient books credit Ramiel as the archangel responsible for the destruction of the armies of Sennacherib, an Assyrian king that raised havoc with Babylon and Juda in about 701 BC.


Some accounts say Ramiel is the bearer of the instructions of the seven archangels.


It is perhaps impossible for humanity to judge the work of an angel. If Ramiel was actively involved in all of the events described in the old accounts, it is clear that he is a powerful and active angel that has his finger on the pulse of mankind.