Angels & Demons
Archangel Sariel

Sariel – Archangel of Healing And Death


By James Donahue


There are many old books that refer to the Archangel Sariel. The Bible is not among them. The very name is Hebrew in its origin and it translates to “Command of God.” This angel appears to have many tasks, but highlighted among them is the power of healing and the comfort of the dying.


The Book of Enoch identifies Sariel as one of four holy archangels “of eternity and trembling.” The others are Ariel, Metatron and Uriel. Enoch   suggests that Sariel was one of the angels that lusted after the daughters of men and led men astray. This is the story also told in the Book of Genesis. Mythology states that Sariel also taught men about the course of the moon.


The Kabbala states that Sariel is one of seven angels of the Earth. Early Christian writer Origen Adamantius also identified him as one of seven angels of “primordial powers.”


The Gnostics believe Sariel has protective powers when invoked. It is believed by many that he is an angel of healing and one of the benevolent angels of death.


There is an ancient myth that Sariel gave Moses all of his knowledge. Some give this credit to yet another angel, Zazagel.


In the text Ladder of Jacob, Sariel is sent by God to explain to Jacob the meaning of his dream about the ladder.


Some believe Sariel is a fallen angel, but there is little written evidence of this.


Even though the Bible ignores the name of Sariel, it appears that if he exists, this is one very important and busy archangel.