Angels & Demons


Chamuel – Archangel Of Love


By James Donahue


The Archangel Chamuel is said to be a host of God’s divine love. This is the kind of love that Jesus described as “the love that passeth all understanding.”


John Ronner, in his book Know Your Angels, noted that Chamuel “is barely mentioned by name in biblical or other scripture. Perhaps because of his association with compassion and charity, he may be the unnamed angel who comforted Christ in Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane just before he was arrested.”


Artists that have attempted to portray Chamuel produce only a faint image embedded in a glowing background of light. Streams of pure light pour from the heart chakra of this entity making it almost impossible to make out the detail of its source.


It is said that Chamuel rules over the planets Earth and Mars, and oversees Tuesday, the third day of each week. He helps us find inner joy and happiness, achieve contentment and when asked, helps bring forth the inner beauty of each of us.


It is said this angel can be evoked through meditation and prayer. It helps to have a lighted candle in front of you and perhaps some greens of the earth in the room. After calling upon Chamuel to come to you, keeping your eyes closed. Sit quietly until you feel the angel’s presence.


During your meditation you may sense bright lights or colors, experience deep emotions, a sense of calmness and the divine presence of love and energy.


This is a good angel to get to know during these times of unrest on earth. Chamuel is said to be helpful in such things as matters of the heart, dealing with substance abuse, finding a place of shelter, dealing with police matters and bringing peace into our lives.


This angel’s name, Chamuel, is said to mean “He who sees God” in the old Hebrew text.