Angels & Demons


Purson; A Mighty Serpent King


By James Donahue


The old magickians saw Purson as a thin man with the face of a lion riding on a large black bear. They even put a horn in Purson's mouth because they said they heard, or at lease sensed the sound of trumpets when this demon made its entrance.


This is the Twentieth Spirit of the Goetia. Johann Wierr wrote in 1583 that this demon is identified as a “Great King” who appears as a man with a face of a lion and a cruel viper in his hand. “He knoweth things hidden and can tell all things present, past and to come.”


Wierr listed a number of rather miraculous things this demon was capable of achieving. These included finding treasure, bringing forth familiars, and answering truthfully questions about all things of the earth, secret and divine, as well as the creation of the world.


Purson commands 22 legions of spirits. He is said to wear silver armor.