Angels & Demons


Haniel – Angel Of December


By James Donahue


Haniel is known as the angel that oversees the Month of December. This angel also is sometimes known as Anael. The name in Hebrew means “Joy of God” or “Grace of God.” This of course is a fitting name that easily links to the Christmas story.


Some like to associate Haniel among the archangels. While not listed in the Bible, Haniel is named in Jewish lore and Hebrew angelology, the source of most of what is written about angelic names and their position among the ruling astral beings.


December is an important month because it is the time of the  Winter Solstice, or the day when the Earth tilts it’s farthest from the Sun on the Northern Hemisphere. From this day, which falls on December 21, every day is filled with more light than the day before. The reign if darkness is over. Haniel is present to help bring on the light.


December is not only the time of the Christmas festivities, but it is the month of the celebrations of Hannukah and Kwanzaa, the Jewish and African-American festivities. All three celebrations appear to have their roots in ancient lore linked to the joy rooted in the return of the Sun.


It is said that Hanael is an angel of generosity. This angel celebrates with us during this time of gift giving and celebration. It is a time for all humans of every creed and race to join hands and understand that we are all children of the same creator. It is a season of brotherhood, love and respect for one another.


This is the message from Hanael. It is a message that should be remembered and practiced by all of us throughout the year.