Angels & Demons

Halaliel – The Angel That Spoke

Through Cayce

By James Donahue

The angel Halaliel is on record as “the lord of karma.” That is because of a peculiar message it left through the late and famous psychic Edgar Cayce, through whom it once spoke to the world.

There does not appear to be any other reference to Halaliel in the Bible or other ancient and holy books of the world. This being made its appearance unexpectedly in the 1930s when Cayce was in one of his trances. As usual he had witnesses surrounding him and recording the messages that came out of his lips.

Suddenly there was a new voice in the room. It said in a commanding tone: “Come my children! Ye who doubt have gained from the comment this day that a new initiate has spoken in or through this channel. Halaliel that was with those in the beginning who warred with those that separated themselves and became angels.”

In later sessions, Halaliel spoke still more through Cayce. It said it came from higher spiritual realms and stood at the side of Michael’s “righteous angels” that fought against the fallen angels.

His reference to the law of karma was that Hataliel “has made the ways that have been made heavy – but as the means for understand.” Some have suggested that his work involves the governance of the laws of karma among humans.

Hataliel was said to have once referred to another person or entity that would come to Earth under the name John or Jon Peniel. This person would be a Christ consciousness figure who might even be the fulfillment of the Second Coming of Jesus at the end times

Another not quite so famous psychic operating at about the same time as Cayce, Paul Solomon, envisioned Peniel as a spiritual leader that would elevate followers to Christ consciousness.

Those who have studied Cayce’s messages from Hataliel say they suggest that Peniel would become known as Earth changes begin. We appear to be living in that period. Is this entity now among us? Will he appear as Jon Peniel, or under another name?

From yet another source we were told that this spiritual figure would make his appearance about seven years after a great battle caused by actions of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and the United States begins. Have we not already begun this battle?

The strange appearance of Halaliel through Cayce, and this being’s disappearance makes this mysterious angel one to ponder over. Is he really an angel? And who determined this?