Angels & Demons


Buer – The Demon Of Illusions


By James Donahue


There is mystery surrounding Buer, the Tenth Spirit of the Goetia. Various magicians have raised and caught visions of this demon over the years and they seem to all have given us a different description.


Wikipedia says Buer “has been described as being in the shape of Sagittarius, which is a centaur with a bow and arrows. Yet the general image, an illustration by Louis Breton, depicts Buer as an entity with a central body projecting the head of a lion and five goat legs that allow it to walk in every direction.


Collin de Plancy, in Dictionnaire Infernal, published in 1863, described Buer as having the form of a five-branched star, or wheel, and that the demon moves by simply rolling.


Aaron Donahue, who remote viewed Buer and drew the image that came to him in 2002, said the beast appeared as Pan, the legendary spirit of love. It was Donahue’s impression that Buer was perhaps an alien and that he could project a variety of images of himself through the use of holographic technology.


Buer is known as a president of hell and a demon of the second order who commands 50 legions of demonic spirits in his army. When successfully summoned he teaches philosophy, logic and herbal medicine. He is believed to be skilled in curing the sick.