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Adnachiel – Angel Of November

By James Donahue

It is said that angels exist to watch over all aspects of time as it is recognized by humanity. Thus there are not only angels at work during every hour, but also for each day and each month. Adnachief is the angel of November.

He is the angel looming over the spirit of the Thanksgiving season.

This angel is believed to watch over everyone born during the Month of November. He keeps them in his personal loving care.

Adnachief also rules over Sagittarius, a sign of the Zodiac that falls between November 22 and December 21, so the angelic interest appears to spawn more than just the people born during November. Thus he is an angel of independence, a yearning for personal adventure and freedom, special attributes shared by Sagittarius people.

Adnachief joins with a second angel named Phaleg to rule over the Choir of Angels. It is believed that Adnachief may also have control over the four elements, earth, wind, fire and air. Some say this angel carries an amulet that cures stomach ailments.

While not an archangel, Adnachief is a powerful angel that works closely with the archangels. It is said that he is a shining entity that helps seekers open the door to the spiritual light of the soul. Those that pray and ask for this angel he will be there to help and guide you.

The gemstone associated with Adnachief is amethyst.