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Furcas The Demon Fire Bug


By James Donahue


The old magickians saw Furcas as a portly old man with a long flowing white beard riding a pale horse and carrying a sharp tool. The identity of the tool ranged from a pointed stick to a scythe, which would appear to make him a harbinger of death.


When a remote viewer evoked this entity and drew his portrait in 2001, Furcas appeared as a fiery spirit. His entire body seemed to be comprised of a flashing energy. The old magicians noted that Furcas wears a “hoary” white beard.


 Even if Furcas is not comprised of fire, there is an indication in the old records that "pyromancy" has always been his trade. He is a known fire starter.


Collin de Plancy in his 1863 publication Dictionaire Infernal, describes Furcas as a knight or high president of hell who controls 29 legions of demons. He is the 50th Spirit of the Goetia.


This demon offers those that successfully summon and control it a broad spectrum of useful information. De Plancy writes: “He teaches the virtues of herbs and precious stones, logic, esthetics, chiromancy, pyromacy and rhetoric. He can make one invisible, ingenious and articulate. He also can find lost things and discover treasures.”


While his gifts may seem tempting, an earlier writer, Johann Wier in 1583 warned that Furcas has “the similitude of a cruel man.” This may not be an easy demon to deal with. And there is an old adage that usually always applies in the world of the demons. No gift comes from these fellows without a price.



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