Angels & Demons


Orifiel – Angel Of The Forests


By James Donahue


There is a story that the Cabala describes Orifiel as an angel that protects and safeguards the wilderness. Its job is to encourage us to protect the Earth. Thus Orifiel is known as the Angel of the Forests.


Thus Orifiel can be found in the uncultivated and unsettled tracts of the Earth that are still found in their natural condition. Unfortunately, these unsettled and undisturbed areas are dwindling as the human population grows and encroaches on even the jungles and wilderness areas.


Yet Orifiel also inhabits and symbolic wilderness which includes the inner mind of man. These are the parts of us that are unaffected by guile, worldliness and greed.


Orifiel also is described as an angel prince in the order of thrones. Ezekiel described the throne angels as “full of eyes round about.” Those eyes, which Ezekiel said were fiery, symbolize full awake consciousness. Thus the throne angels represent the ever awake and all knowing God.


The way to contact Orifiel is through quiet meditation. The best way is to to into the wilderness for a retreat, spend some alone time in a local park, or just spend some quiet time in self examination. It is a time to look within and release all of the outer trappings of the world around us.


We found an excellent description of a way of special meditation to assist in making contact with this marvelous angel. It reads like this:


“Imagine yourself deep in a forest. This is a forest where the birds sing and fly through sundappled open stretches. The light in the forest comes down from high overhead, through the tallest trees you could ever imagine.


“You have a sense that no one has ever been to this part of the forest before. It is pristine. Something about this forest lets you know the peaceful, unafraid animals here have never seen a human being. It is truly a peaceable kingdom.


“Then through the trees appears an angel dressed in the greens and browns of the forest. It is the angel Orifiel. There is the smell of moss and sunlight on pine needles. You hear the sounds of small creatures scurrying through the leaves and clear water falling over stones in nearby streams.”


While in the presence of Orifiel you are able to find the state of purity within your heart. Allow this feeling of renewal to fill your body, lighting every cell and filling you with pure vitality. Let this magical moment bring new insight and mark a fresh beginning.