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Adonai - Angel Of



By James Donahue

Ancient Hebrew text speaks of Adonai as both an “angel of the Lord” and another name for YHVH, the most holy and unspoken reference to God. Thus there is confusion as to the true identity of Adonai.

In personal encounters with the spirit world, my wife Doris once (and may still) had a direct communication link with an entity that called itself Adonai. At the same time she also communicated with the Archangel Michael. We always believed Adonai was from the angelic realm.

One old book refers to Adonai as Malakh Adonai, or Angel of the Lord. This text appears to consider Adonai as a King of Angels, standing above the       rest. He thus may be the supreme representative or messenger of God and his word is “one” with the very person of God.

The Old Testament is filled with references to the Angel of the Lord without ever naming this angel. Many believe the reference always alludes to Adonai.

When this angel appears to Moses as a burning bush he identified himself as YHVH and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thus Adonai became the very voice of God.

From the Tanakh we read that the Angel of the Lord helped Gideon deliver Israel from Midian, he prophesied the birth of Samson, led Elijah to Mt. Horeb and commanded David to build the altar which later became part of the Holy Temple.

If all appearances by the Angel of the Lord are referring to Adonai, then this has been one busy angel. Is there any reason to believe Adonai is any less active in the world today?

Other ancient cultures knew of this angel as well. The Phoenicians believed Adonai was one of seven angels that comprised “the Divine Presence” involved in the creation of the universe.

In Solomonic magic Adonai is invoked to conjure Wax and to exorcise fire.

In Ophilic Gnosticism Adonai is one of seven Elohim created by laidabaoth “in his own image.”

It also is said that Adonai is a plural reference to Adon, the Ruler in the Earth. Thus Adonai’s purpose is a blessing in the Earth.

No matter how we look at Adonai, we find this to be a very powerful angel if not the very person of the Creator existing within our midst.