Angels & Demons


Demon Gaap Can Transport Men

By James Donahue

Gaap, the thirty-third listed Spirit of the Goetia, is a mighty prince and president that is believed to be equal in his powers to four other mighty demons, Beleth, Zimmiar, Corson and Amaymon. He sometimes is referred to as Tap.

Together these four entities are believed to rule over all of the other 72 Spirits of the Goetia.

This spirit controls the element of water and reigns over the water demons. He has 60 legions under his authority.

Magicians raise Gaap because he teaches philosophy and liberal sciences, deliver familiars from the custody of other magicians, and can cause love or hate and make men either insensible or invisible. Danger lurks in this spirit if the one that conjures is not careful.

Gaap gives true answers concerning the past, present and future and he can literally carry men and things with great speed from one nation to another. Some believe he can make men ignorant.