Angels & Demons


Zuriel – The Angel Of Rock

By James Donahue

Zuriel is not listed in the Scriptures as one of the seven archangels although he is remembered in Hebrew text as part of a trinity of powers that stood in defense of the Jews during some of their most trying battles.

Zuriel’s actual title is “prince of the order of principalities” and his name in Hebrew means “my rock is God.” His name implies a joining of the Archangels of stone, war and the sword. When present, it is said that no enemy can pass.

Stories are told of how Zuriel stands like a soldier of heroic sacrifice, blocking the way so that others may escape. When rooted to the spot, he cannot be moved.

Among the great Israeli legends where Zuriel was reportedly involved, is the Roman siege of the Jewish zealots gathered at Masada in 66 AD. There a few hundred people defended the fortress against the entire Roman army for seven years. In the end the people were starved out or they committed suicide.

Auriel’s other tasks are said to be ruler of libra (an ancient unit of weight), curer of stupidity in humans, and an angel of harmony. If he is around these days he must be working overtime on the latter two.

The name Zuriel was apparently popular among the Hebrew people. It appears as a boy’s name at several places in the Old Testament. The name of Zuriel as an angel, however, is never mentioned.