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A Man Who Knows Everything


By James Donahue


A new book by Andrew Robinson titled “The Last Man Who Knew Everything,” seems to have missed its mark. The book is a biographical document about the life of Thomas Young, an amazing character who lived from 1773 to 1829 and literally appeared to have knowledge about any subject brought before him.


During his lifetime, Young wrote 63 articles for Encyclopedia Britannica. The topics ranged from Bridge to scientific matters. He published papers on how the eye focuses, theorized that light traveled in waves, was instrumental in cracking the code that unlocked the script on the Rosetta Stone and coined the term Indo-European to describe the family of languages spoken throughout most of Europe and northern India.


Born a child prodigy in England, Young became a practicing physician, but also had a wide range of other interests, mostly involving science and mathematics.


Young is not the only person marked by historians for his remarkable knowledge. Others that have been subjects of biological works include Joseph Leidy (1823-1891) and Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680).


While Young’s achievements appear remarkable compared to those of most humans within a single lifetime, they are but rubble when compared to the abilities of contemporary psychic, prophet and viewer Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue, who was born with a remarkable gift of total brain functioning, can not only read the thoughts of people around him, he can absorb all of the information in a book by simply holding it in his hands or placing it under his pillow while he sleeps.


Donahue states that all of the knowledge humanity has gained in the past, present and even the future is locked in a great storage place identified by Carl Jung as a collective sub-consciousness. By using an advanced form of remote viewing, which he personally developed, Donahue says he can tap into this warehouse and glean information about any subject. He says all humans have the capability of capturing information from the collective.


Donahue has demonstrated his abilities during Internet radio shows and various other radio and television appearances. Donahue claims that humans were created from the DNA of an alien that came to Earth thousands of years ago and genetically altered primates into Homo sapiens. This alien, whom Aaron identifies as Lucifer, thus was the true father of the human race.


Donahue says he has used his abilities to find a cure for AIDS, but then burned his data after posting his claims on his Internet website and waiting for 30 days for someone in the scientific or medical community to ask him about it. His telephone remained silent. Nobody asked.


While he has gained enough attention to be invited to appear on Coast-to-Coast Radio with Art Bell, and on Japanese television, as well as a few other lesser known radio stations, Donahue’s Luciferian story confused some Christians who marked him as a “Satanist.” The Christian belief system, which Donahue says is a lie that is bringing about the destruction of man, appears to also be blocking him from gaining world attention.


Our point is that when it comes to marking a man who really knows everything, it has to be Aaron C. Donahue. Other than the great prophets of the past, few other humans in history, or living today, seem capable of filling that bill.