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The Strange Things That Appear In Photographs


By James Donahue

May, 2006


Now that we have digital imaging and video cameras, people are beginning to notice strange images that do not belong on some of the pictures we capture.


The most common anomalies are something called orbs, oval circles of light that appear to be floating about in the room. They appear to be energy from the entities that live around us. Critics write them off as light from the camera bouncing off dust particles. Yet we find orbs in pictures shot without the use of flash.


Then there are the pictures that appear to be double exposures. There are clear images of human figures of light appearing in the photograph along with the images of the subject. With modern cameras, however, that no longer use film, there are no such things as double images. So how do we explain such things?


A woman in Lincoln, in the UK, recently found a clear image of a ghostly horse floating in the air after she snapped a picture looking over the town in the late evening. The horse image was not there when she took the picture, but it appeared in the image.


A news story about the incident told of a legend in the area of a man who had secured a pardon in London for a friend who was about to be hung, and was riding hard to reach the scene of the execution in time. But he stopped for a meal and a rest, fell asleep, and failed to keep his appointment, and the friend was hung. The man took his own life out of guilt.


It is believed that he and his horse still ride today through the area, as he continues to try to carry out his failed mission.


If Aaron C. Donahue is correct, it is not a ghost, but a fractured image from the past that is projecting itself through time. It was this that appeared on the film, but not a ghost.


Donahue recently proved that people can project images manufactured in their own minds, and then capture them on film. He successfully projected his own image and caught it on film as the highlight of one of his Sunday night Voice of Lucifer Internet radio broadcasts. The image can be seen on this website by clicking on Aaron’s Magick.


Even more remarkable, Donahue also captured the image of a demonic spirit which also appears on the same page. That spirit was photographed on video moving across the room in the basement of his home. The entity was magickly raised by Aaron for the purpose of capturing it on film. Its existence is thus proven by the video film that shows it moving strangely, somewhat like an insect.


The capture of the demon on film also shows the proven existence of these and other life forms beyond our conscious awareness. What seems difficult to believe is that the camera sees things that are invisible to our eyes in this dark, three-dimensional existence.