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Aaron Publishes 13 Dire Prophetic "Probabilities"

By James Donahue

The Prophet Aaron C. Donahue has published a frightening list of what he calls probable future events based upon the course world leaders are currently following.

The list includes a warning of a world war that China will win, the trials of both President George W. Bush, Tony Blair and others in an international court for crimes against humanity, the replacement of the United Nations by another organization, a global pandemic, a movement supported by Russia toward a world socialist government as European winters worsen, and human extinction.

The predictions also suggest that world businesses will reel when the price of crude oil hits $93.48 a barrel and China "dumps" the U.S. dollar, war tensions will rise when China moves on Taiwan, Russia establishes closer ties with Iran and John Edwards, who will be the next U.S. president, will "side with war" in spite of prophetic warnings.

There also are vague references to "provocation" by North Korea and an "incident at sea" that may have a significant effect on world events.

Donahue notes that prophetic visions of the future are subject to change if the right people are made aware of the dangers and consequently make the necessary corrections.

You can read all 13 prophetic warnings, exactly as Donahue has published them, plus other messages and find other pertinent links on a special MySpace blog page. Go to: http://www.myspace.com/final_ummah